Amazing Facts about Uranus the Coldest Planet in the Solar System

Amazing Facts about Uranus the Coldest Planet in the Solar System

Today I will write about Amazing Facts about Uranus the Coldest Planet in the Solar System. Discussing outer space is never boring. There are so many things that we can lift from outer space phenomena, celestial bodies to the possibility of life other than on Earth.

Discussing our solar system is also interesting, because as we know, Earth is not alone in this solar system, there are other planets that physically and characteristically have their own characteristics in our solar system.

One of the interesting neighboring planets of Earth to explore is Uranus. This planet was first discovered by a scientist named William Herschel. This discovery certainly adds to the list of science in the world of astronomy at that time.

Amazing Facts about Uranus the Coldest Planet in the Solar System

The third largest planet after Jupiter and Saturn is indeed unique, mainly because it is called the coldest planet in the solar system.

Understandably, there the minimum temperature can reach -224 Celsius. Never imagined how cold this planet is, besides that there are many more interesting facts about Uranus.

Been explored by a Spaceship

To find out more about matter about the universe, especially the Solar System, the researchers then created a spacecraft project to study objects out there.

Uniquely, there are several spaceships that have been successfully built for this purpose. One of them is Voyager 2.

One of the achievements of Voyager 2 on its mission, is to traverse Uranus, which is far from Earth for mercy. Voyager 2 also had time to capture many photos of this planet. And again this one spacecraft set a record as a man-made object that flies the farthest.

Uranus Ring

As we know, the planet that is identical to the ring is Saturn. It is clear that the second largest planet has a beautiful belt around it.

Well, who would have thought Uranus also has rings like this, it's just that the shape is not as clear as Saturn's. Uranus' rings are only a few kilometers wide, and appear dark. The researchers concluded that this ring did not form long ago.

The Uniqueness of Uranus' Rotation

Uranus which has the title of the coldest planet in the solar system also has other unique features that other planets in the solar system do not have. It's about the rotation of Uranus which is really unique and different from the others.

Yes, if the planet spins and rotates, Uranus rolls or spins forward. Researchers suspect this incident has been going on for a long time. The cause itself is still unknown.

However, it is thought that in its youth, Uranus collided with its moons, thus experiencing tilt and angular rotation. And now Uranus is one of the most unique planets due to its different rotational forces.

Uranus' wind speed

Imagining life on the planet Uranus may be fun enough, but certainly very deadly. Not only is the temperature cold, the water freezes in a few seconds, the wind there is also terrible.

Yes, because the average wind speed on Uranus reaches 900 km/hour. Imagine how it feels to be hit by a strong wind like this. This is still in normal conditions, not including when there are storms or other winds.

Uranus has two seasons

Just like other planets in the solar system, including Earth, Planet Uranus also has seasons. But unlike the Earth we know, there are only two seasons, namely summer and winter.

However, due to its considerable distance from the Sun, the duration of the seasons there is longer than on Earth.

For example, summer, on Uranus summer almost reaches 42 years. If we live there, then half of our lives will feel summer. Then followed by winter which is also no less long.

Have many Moons

As is typical of most of the giant planets in the solar system. Uranus also has many moons. The planet Jupiter has 67 moons and Saturn has 62 moons, while Uranus has 27 moons, and Earth only has 1 moon.

The uniqueness of Uranus' moons is that, some of them are named after William Shakespeare's characters. For example Ophelion, Titania, Ariel, Miranda and Puq, There is also one of the moons of Uranus named Cupid.

Size of Uranus and Earth

As we mentioned earlier, Uranus has the title of the third largest planet after Jupiter and Saturn. The question is, how big is Uranus compared to Earth?

Of course very big. If you make a comparison, Uranus is 63 Earths. If Earth were this big, then Uranus would be unimaginable. If we surround it, then at least it will take years.


Well, that was an Amazing Facts about Uranus the Coldest Planet in the Solar System. What do you think about this blue planet?

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