Can we stop the asteroid strike falling to earth?

Can we stop the asteroid strike falling to earth?

On this occasion I will invite you to discuss the topic of asteroids with the title of the question Can we stop the asteroid strike falling to earth?

In the movies, many depict that an asteroid strike on Earth could destroy all life on it. Those of you who have watched old movies like Deep Impact or Armageddon know how scary it is if the Earth is hit by an asteroid.

Can we stop the asteroid strike falling to earth?

If one day an asteroid hits the earth, can humans stop it or even life on earth will be wiped out and nothing remains and if the earth has been attacked by an asteroid what is the impact?

What are asteroids?

Asteroids are often called mini planets. From the name alone, it's a mini planet. Don't be surprised if there are asteroids that are the same size as the planets Mercury, Mars, or Earth. One of the largest asteroids is Ida, which is so large that it has its own moon called Dactyl.

How could an asteroid hit Earth?

The largest collection of asteroids in the solar system lies between the planets Mars and Jupiter, otherwise known as the Asteroid Belt. They form their own orbits and float in space.

Well, despite having their own trajectory, some asteroids are often mischievous. They break away from their orbit and move closer to Earth and sometimes as they move closer to Earth they fall to Earth.

Various asteroid strikes in the past

In recent decades, an asteroid strike has never occurred. But in the past it happened very often. This is a list of asteroid strikes that have hit Earth.

Vredefort Crater in South Africa: The Vredefort Crater is the most famous impact of an asteroid strike. This crater is known as the largest meteorite crater in the world with a diameter of more than 28 km.
When first formed, the diameter of the crater reached 300 km, but was hit by landslides and shrank. The age of this crater reaches 2,032 billion. Asteroid collisions are thought to have occurred in ancient times, precisely in the Paleoproterozoic era.

Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico: The asteroid also hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. As a result, a very thick black dust cloud was formed. This asteroid has had a major impact on life on Earth.

In addition to causing the climate on Earth to change completely, it is said that the fall of this asteroid also caused the extinction of the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

Arizona Crater in United States: The Arizona Crater is also known as one of the largest asteroid impacts. Events that occurred about 50,000 thousand years ago caused the formation of the Arizona crater. The diameter of the crater reaches 1.6 km with a depth of 170 meters.

Asteroid strike in South Africa: About 3 billion years ago, a super large asteroid once approached Earth. This is more than 5 times the size of Mount Everest.

The asteroid is traveling at a speed of 19 km/h and according to scientists, the crash site is somewhere in South Africa. This asteroid impact was so great that it changed the tectonic structure of planet Earth.

Threat of asteroid strike

These are all stories of the past. How about now? Fortunately we live in very sophisticated times. Now the asteroid impact is predictable.

According to NASA scientists, every year an asteroid the size of a car moves toward Earth. When it penetrates the atmosphere, it burns into a hot ball of fire. But before reaching the surface, the asteroid actually caught fire and disintegrated in space.

Meanwhile, an asteroid the size of a football field will approach Earth once every 5,000 years, causing massive damage to Earth.
And every few million years, Earth will collide with a giant asteroid that could cause a global catastrophe. If that happens, it's probably like in the movies, where people panic and seek refuge on their own.

Is it possible to stop an asteroid strike?

Now let's get to the heart of the discussion. Can humans stop an asteroid heading for Earth? The answer is, maybe. Now NASA is developing technology that can prevent asteroids from falling to Earth.

The plan is that NASA's advanced space robot will continue to be tested from year to year when an asteroid passes near Earth.


Asteroids are celestial bodies whose speed is impossible to stop but with advanced technology, scientists on Earth will try to create tools that can stop, destroy, and change the speed of asteroids to move away from Earth.
That's my discussion about Can we stop the asteroid strike falling to earth? Hopefully my information about this asteroid is useful for all of you.
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