Interesting Facts About Black Hole, Really Terrible

Interesting Facts About Black Hole, Really Terrible

Interesting Facts About Black Hole and you all must have heard of black holes right? That said, this black hole has extraordinary power that can suck up the entire contents of this universe.

The black hole's immense gravitational force actually harms all components of the universe that accidentally pass through it.

Interesting Facts About Black Hole

Besides black holes, there are also wormholes, but my discussion this time will focus more on interesting facts about black holes, the following are facts about black holes.

Invisible Black Hole

The first interesting fact, this black hole or black hole can not be seen directly with the naked eye. Not a single speck of light could penetrate the darkness within. The only way to know whether a black hole exists or not is to feel its presence.

For example, if a star accidentally gets near a black hole, the star will automatically be sucked in and shattered into pieces. A star that is destroyed by a black hole will heat up and shine very brightly.

Black hole in our galaxy

Have you ever imagined, what if our Earth accidentally passed through a black hole? Are we going to be swallowed too? Fortunately, Earth's location is very far from black holes.

According to astronomers, in our galaxy there are black holes, but they are far from Earth. However, we can still observe the effect of this black hole. The size of the black hole in the Milky Way galaxy is 4 million times larger than the Sun.

Dead Stars Can Become Black Holes

Just like humans, stars also have age. A star that is on the verge of death will turn into a white dwarf before eventually exploding and becoming a supernova.

Well, the remnants of this explosion will gather and coalesce. The place where these stellar fragments coalesce has an extraordinary density and does not have the same volume as a black hole.

Black Holes Have Different Sizes

According to NASA, there are 3 sizes of black holes in the universe. The smallest one was called the Primordial Black Hole which was as big as a mountain.

Even bigger are the Stellar Black Holes. This type is the most common in the universe. It is 20 times larger than the Sun and is spread out in different corners of our galaxy.

The largest is the Supermassive Black Hole. This is more than 1 million times the size of the Sun! How supermassive black holes can form is still a mystery to this day.

The Nearest Black Hole From Earth

You must be curious, isn't there a black hole near Earth? There is! The distance is 1,600 light years. With a count of 1 light year is equal to 10 trillion years, this black hole is not considered dangerous to Earth.

But this distance turned out to be closer than scientists thought you know! Research on Earth's distance from the nearest black hole is ongoing and recent results suggest that there is a difference of 20,000 light-years further than the initial findings.

Black holes are only dangerous if approached

A black hole can be likened to a lion in a cage. As long as we don't get close, the lion is harmless.

Black holes can be observed remotely and are harmless. But if we get closer, then we will immediately feel the impact. So, the myth that black holes can suck up the entire universe is practically impossible.

Black Hole Becomes an Interesting Sci-Fi Movie

The next interesting fact about black holes is that this unsolved mystery of black holes turns out to be of interest to artists. Many movies specifically take the theme of black holes and the world of outer space.

Examples include Interstellar and Star Trek. Those of you who are curious as to what a black hole looks like can watch these movies.


Well, those are some Interesting Facts About Black Hole. Black holes themselves are still a mystery to this day. In the future, there will be more unique facts about the holes in the universe.

And surely there will be more black holes to be found in the universe. If you are still curious about information about black holes, you can continue to visit

Because here I will continue to update information about the Black Hole which is certainly no less interesting than the previous information!
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