What Would Happen If the Moon Disappeared?

What Would Happen If the Moon Disappeared?

On this occasion I would like to invite you to discuss about the Moon, especially about the question What Would Happen If the Moon Disappeared?

As we know, the Moon is the only natural satellite that Earth has. The moon is always faithful to accompany the Earth in any condition. It's rare for the Moon to disappear from the night sky, isn't it?

What Would Happen If the Moon Disappeared?

Well, we're used to seeing the Moon, have you ever thought what the fate of Earth and all life on it would be without the Moon? What if one day the Moon explodes and is no longer a satellite of Earth?

Moon is part of Earth

Just so you know, the Moon was not created just like that. So 4 billion years ago when the Earth was very young, it crossed the universe without anyone.

Until one day there is a space object named Theia which is the size of the planet Mars, comes crashing into Earth. The collision brought a natural disaster, splitting the planet Earth.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining behind it all because most of the planet Earth separated from its mother and became the Moon. Since then, the Moon has always been faithful to accompany the Earth at all times.

Without the Moon, Earth would be nothing. It is impossible for life on Earth to exist without the Moon beside it. Do not believe?

All life on Earth originated in the oceans. Without the sea which provides water and air, living things cannot survive. So, what does that have to do with the Moon?

The Moon's Gravity is very influential on Earth

Just like the Earth, the Moon also has its own gravity. The Moon's gravity greatly affects the Earth, especially the waters. Due to the Moon's gravity, the water in the seas and oceans can ebb and flow and create waves.

Although the formation of waves is also influenced by the Sun, it is not as strong as the Moon. In addition, the distance from Earth to the Sun is 400 times farther than the distance from Earth to the Moon.

When the Moon disappears, humans will immediately feel the impact

The Moon's gravity causes huge waves to rise in the middle of the ocean as high as 500 cm towards it. While the sun's gravity also causes waves in the ocean to rise and be attracted towards it.

The mutual attraction of sea water between the Moon and the Sun is a balance that keeps the water in the ocean from flowing and flooding the land.

Well, if the Moon disappears, the balance is broken and as a result, as much as 115,500 cubic meters of seawater that the Moon holds will be released and form huge waves that humans have never seen before.

A big tsunami will hit Earth

Don't think if the Moon disappears we can still sleep well. As a result of the attack of the big waves, a huge tsunami will hit the whole world. for example California, southern Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, India and Western Europe will be swept away by the waves.

Like in superhero movies, most of humanity will be extinct

Have you watched Avengers: Infinity Wars yet? At the end of the story, Thanos, the mortal enemy of Earth's superheroes, managed to wipe out half of humanity by snapping his fingers. This is also what will happen if the Moon disappears.

In just one sweep of a wave, a quarter of the world would be annihilated. It didn't stop there, this wave attack triggered earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This catastrophic disaster will claim at least 1 billion human lives.

Can Earth go back to how it used to be?

After the great catastrophe that hit Earth, it was impossible for life to return to the way it was. Earth can rotate constantly because it is influenced by the Moon. Without the Moon, the Earth's tilt would be erratic and the seasons change unpredictable.

So far, the Moon is in charge of regulating the changing of the seasons and keeping the Earth from changing its tilt degree. If they weren't in order, the Earth would spin twice as fast.

Over time, the earth's temperature continued to decrease and its entire surface was covered with ice. If this is the case, Earth is no longer a place to live.


Fortunately, until now there has been no sign of the Moon will explode and disappear.  So my discussion is not to scare you, but as information so that you all understand that the Moon is not just a satellite for Earth. The role of the Moon is so great that without the Moon Earth will never be the same again.

Well, now you understand what would happen if the Moon disappeared. Well, until here my article about the Moon is about the question What Would Happen If the Moon Disappeared?

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