About Cyborgs and the Future of Humans

About Cyborgs and the Future of Humans
About Cyborgs and the Future of Humans

About Cyborgs and the Future of Humans. The development of technology in the world of Artificial Intelligence today is indeed very massive. Humans are capable of creating various technological leaps. Although often predicted by researchers, but the big jump was very beneficial for humans. The big leap in technological development is called a cyborg.

Cyborgs in films are often depicted as destroyers of life on earth. As is often played on our screens, for example Terminator, and many other titles.

Of course that can be cause for concern. Will the development of Artificial Intelligence be that bad? Of course it depends on how humans view Artificial Intelligence. If you see them as tools of mass destruction and tools of war, people will only be disappointed and Cyborgs will become enemies of mankind.

But it has a different meaning if humans make it a tool for the benefit of life. Humanity will be greatly helped by the existence of cyborgs. Cyborgs will be part of human history in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Undeniably, cyborgs and the future of humanity are deeply tied.

What are Cyborgs?

Cyborg itself comes from bionics. That is a tool that is used to replace the physiological structure of the body, it can mean organs of the body, by using electronic and mechanical components. While Cyborg has the meaning of a creature that combines original body parts with inorganic parts. An example is people with bionic ears.

The definition of bionics is very broad. Bionics are not just “electronic devices” with “super” capabilities. In fact, glasses as a visual aid can be said to be bionic. Because glasses help humans to replace sensory functions that are not optimal. Another example is a mobile phone that can help humans record data in memory.

Humans created bionics to facilitate humans whose bodies are not perfect. Hugh Herr for example, he lost the calves in both legs after an accident. Then, he made bionics of his feet so he could carry out daily activities and his hobby is rock climbing. After graduating from MIT with a PhD, he focused on developing bionics. Not only used as a body aid. Bionics were even developed for animals so that they could create animal cyborgs.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has created electronic chips, detectors and processors that can be attached to insects. Later, the tool is useful for spying on enemies. It turned out that the animal cyborg was used as a tool of war.

Chip-mounted insects can make it easier for soldiers and intelligence to extract data like professional humans. Like eavesdropping and sending information to humans.

Today humans continue to create the perfect bionics for survival. The goal to be achieved is the creation of a two-way wave (connection) between the brain and a computer that can read our brains.

Humans with Cyborgs, what will the future look like?

Many predict cyborgs and the future of humans will be like what happened in the movies. The rise of Artificial Intelligence is making a huge leap in the future of mankind.

In fact, some say that eventually humans will "disappear" and be replaced with cyborgs. The mention of a new era with the emergence of cyborgs, starting with their ability to have their own consciousness.

However, cyborgs will be creatures that are fundamentally different from humans psychologically. It's just that their ability to process data and things related to kinesthetic and logical work systems have in common.

With Artificial Intelligence, cyborgs have abilities that far exceed the capacity of the human brain. Cyborgs will have independent intelligence. It doesn't need to be operated by humans. In fact, cyborgs can fill the evolutionary potential of life.

In fact, in a more extreme view, cyborgs will later have the same feeling of protecting the earth. If humans fail to protect the earth from crisis, they will create their own world.

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Which would be lethal to humans. Because, the life of cyborgs as machines, is different from humans as organic beings. Other researchers say that the cyborgs created are not too far away. Compared to continue to make improvements.

Humans will create cyborgs that are far more varied. Humans and cyborgs don't make humans superhuman. The creation of these variations is caused by humans preferring to create various supporting tools rather than powerful tools.


The union of humans with technology does not make cyborgs as creatures who have lost their humanity.

The union of humans and Cyborgs is not a bad union. Technology does not make humans more alienated from the natural surroundings. Cyborgs are not alien beings like robots.

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