How Did All the Water on Mars Disappear?

How Did All the Water on Mars Disappear
How Did All the Water on Mars Disappear

Planet Mars, the red planet in our Solar System. The closest planet to our planet, this one is indeed the main object of research for scientists and astronomers on Earth. It's been countless how many missions have ever been sent to the Red Planet.

One of the biggest goals of scientists exploring the planet Mars is that they want to find water there. Well, you must have known that Mars was prepared as a substitute for Earth if one day our planet was too old and uninhabitable. Are you ready to move to Mars later?

Water and Ice on Mars

Mars is often referred to as Earth's twin. But unlike the fertile Earth, Mars is a very dry and barren planet. Almost the entire surface is covered with dust. But observations made by humans on Mars for decades have proven that Mars once contained water.

Almost all of the water on Mars today is ice and very little. Most of the ice is even just a mist in the Martian atmosphere. Another trace of water found is at the north pole of the planet Mars.

In addition, at the south pole of the planet Mars found a mound of carbon dioxide ice, and below it there is also water that has frozen into ice.

Well, from this discovery, it seems Mars is rich in water just like Earth. Then how can all the water on Mars be lost to become barren as it is today?

Mars Was Very Similar To Earth

That said, Mars was once Earth's twin brother, you know. Starting from the atmosphere to the composition. But that happened billions of years ago. Humans have sent 3 drones to observe Mars, namely Opportunity, Spirit, and most recently Curiosity.

The three planes managed to find evidence of how fertile the planet Mars was in the past. It is said that Mars was once home to living things, just like Earth.

Even scientists conclude that there was once a very deep ocean on the planet Mars, covering at least 20% of the entire planet's surface in ancient times. The question is, since when did Mars become so barren?

Global Dust Storm, Disaster for Planet Mars

The state of the planet Mars is thought to have changed completely about 4 billion years ago. At that time the planet Mars began to lose its magnetic field globally. Whereas the magnetic field is a protector that maintains the balance of the planet.

Due to the loss of the magnetic field, solar particles slowly escape from the atmosphere of the planet Mars. Due to its thinning atmosphere, Mars is unable to protect the water in it.

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What caused all these disasters? The answer is none other than a global dust storm that attacks the entire surface of the planet Mars. In fact, dust storms are very common on Mars.

But this very powerful storm occurred once and destroyed the entire planet Mars. Well, finally Mars became like the planet Mars that we know today. Barren, dry, and uninhabitable for humans.


Well, maybe not wrong if scientists are so obsessed with finding water on the planet Mars. Unfortunately the water on Mars had disappeared even before the age of the dinosaurs on Earth.

So, do you think, could the water on Mars come back again? Can human technology return Mars to a habitable planet? That's my explanation about How Did All the Water on Mars Disappear?

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