Interesting Facts About Europa, The Next Human Home

Interesting Facts About Europa, The Next Human Home
Interesting Facts About Europa, The Next Human Home

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system which has a size of 1300 times that of Planet Earth. So you can imagine how big the planet is. Due to its enormous size, Jupiter has a large number of natural satellites orbiting around it. To date, there are 67 known and named natural satellites.

And on this occasion I will discuss Interesting Facts About Europa, The Next Human Home. Europa is one of Jupiter's many Satellites. So, what makes Europa so special? How is Europa different from Jupiter's other Satellites?

Jupiter's Smallest Natural Satellite

Jupiter has many natural Satellites, and Europa is Jupiter's smallest, about the same size as Earth's natural satellite, the Moon. But Europa's orbit is closer to Jupiter than the Moon is to Earth.

Europa is the second closest natural satellite to its parent planet. The name Europa itself is taken from a woman from Greek mythology. It is said that Europa is one of the women loved by Zeus, the king of the gods., and the Satellite Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei.

Europa's Shapes Are Always Changing

As a satellite close to Jupiter, Europa is bound by waves in its orbit so that it rotates very quickly. As it rotates, Jupiter's gravitational influence is strong on Europa, so Europa is sometimes very close to Jupiter.

Due to the very strong gravity, Europa's shape is always changing. In addition to Jupiter's gravitational force, the waves binding Europa cause heat waves to melt its surface.

Europa Characters Similar to Earth

In our solar system, there are many places that have the same character as Earth. One of them is Europa. Europa's surface is as rich in water as Earth's oceans. The temperature is also warm and friendly, exposed to the heat from the waves that surround it.

Unlike the other planets and celestial bodies, the surface of Europa is very soft, smooth, and not rocky at all. This indicates that there is a flow of water beneath the surface of Europa which causes the surface to become solid and smooth.

Discovering the Ocean in Europa

At first glance, Europa has a similar appearance to Earth, which is that there is a lot of water on its surface. This water comes from underground oceans that rise to the surface due to cracks in Europa's soil. Traces of clay minerals have also been found on surfaces exposed to water. Scientists think that Europa's oceans are streams of salty water, just like Earth's.

Most of Europa is Covered with Ice

Scientists discovered an interesting fact about Europa: part of its surface is frozen ice. With this discovery, scientists believe that beneath the surface of Europa flows life-giving water like in Antarctica.

The ice sheet covering Europa is estimated to be 15 to 25 kilometers thick, while the ocean below is 60 to 150 kilometers deep. Well, if this is proven, it means that Europa contains more water than Earth.

Europa, the Next Human Home

Until now, astronauts are still actively sending missions to further investigate the water content on Europa. The existence of the ocean is clearly a bright spot for mankind who is trying to find other life outside Planet Earth.

Unfortunately, the oxygen content of Europa is so weak that it is currently impossible for humans to live there. It is now certain that for the time being Europa is not suitable for human habitation. Because it is possible for humans to live in an environment with low oxygen levels.


Humans through scientists continue to look for other sources of life beyond Earth with the various technological sophistications they created and armed with the results of their research. The discovery of ice on Europa is considered a sign that their mission was not in vain.

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