Interesting Facts about the Triangulum Galaxy

Interesting Facts about the Triangulum Galaxy
Interesting Facts about the Triangulum Galaxy

In our universe, the Milky Way is not the only galaxy ever discovered. There is Andromeda, Triangulum, and other galaxies both large and small. And on this occasion I will discuss Interesting Facts about the Triangulum Galaxy.

What are some Interesting Facts about the Triangulum Galaxy that you need to know? Can this galaxy be seen from Earth? and how interesting is this galaxy to discuss?

Originally Considered Part of the Milky Way

The Triangulum Galaxy was discovered by a famous person named Charles Messier on August 25, 1764. Initially Triangulum was considered part of the Milky Way galaxy because it only consisted of gases of various colors. However, after being rediscovered by a famous figure named Edwin Hubble with his telescope, it turns out that Triangulum is a separate galaxy that is not at all part of the Milky Way.

Slowly Moving Closer to the Milky Way Galaxy

The Triangulum Galaxy is still an interesting object to be studied by scientists. Through observations made over several years, it was found that the Triangulum galaxy is moving closer to the Milky Way galaxy. The speed of movement of the Triangulum galaxy towards the Milky Way is estimated at 100 thousand kilometers per hour.

Having the Brightest Object in the Universe

The uniqueness of the Triangulum galaxy is the composition in it which consists only of gas. The gas in Triangulum is called NGC 604, which is a colored nebula so large it's called the monster nebula.

According to NASA, the monster nebula is one of the brightest celestial bodies. If there is a monster nebula in our galaxy, it is no less bright than the Moon and the Orion Nebula. Scientists even estimate that the gas cloud in Triangulum is 100 times larger than the Orion Nebula.

Triangulum's light gas cloud spans 1,300 light-years and contains more than 200 blue stars. For your information, blue stars are included in the category of very large hypergiant stars.

The location is close to the earth

So the Triangulum galaxy is the closest to the Milky Way, and is the second closest galaxy to the Milky Way after Andromeda. But the short distance I mention here isn't nearly as close as California is to Nevada, certainly close here in the size of the universe, and it's not small.

The distance between Triangulum and the Milky Way is about 3 million light years. Well, according to astronomical calculations, such a far distance can be said to be quite close. And did you know that the Triangulum Galaxy also has its own satellite galaxy called the Pisces Dwarf Galaxy.

A Star Making Galaxy Without Black Holes

Usually the center of a galaxy is a black hole. But different from the Triangulum Galaxy. The center is not a black hole, the center of the Triangulum Galaxy is a thick nebula cloud called the HII Region. This area is very active in producing stars, even producing stars many times that of the Andromeda galaxy.

Can be Seen From Earth

When we hear that there are galaxies close to Earth, one question arises: can these galaxies be seen from Earth? Despite its proximity, the Triangulum cannot be seen with the naked eye from Earth.

If you want to see it, you'll need to use a stellar telescope and it's going to take a lot of complicated physics to pinpoint its location.


The universe is a very big place, and until now no one knew how big our universe was. That is why humans continue to explore and produce new discoveries.

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As in this Triangulum Galaxy, although there are some facts that we have discovered about triangular galaxies. But even so, our scientists are still researching this galaxy.

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