This is what will happen if the core of the earth freezes

This is what will happen if the core of the earth freezes
This is what will happen if the core of the earth freezes

When you're camping in the mountains. Suddenly everything dimmed, the means of communication were completely unusable. Especially at night, suddenly you see the aurora so bright that it's impossible if the aurora is in a certain country.

There is no clear reason for this strange phenomenon, but one of your friends has read a theory about the earth's core when it freezes. Your friend wakes up and rushes down the mountain to check the situation in the city and of course meet the family as soon as possible. The characteristics that occur today are the same as the phenomenon in which the Earth's core freezes.

This phenomenon may have been predicted by many researchers before. The earth's core made of iron is spherical around its axis. So what will happen if the Earth's core freezes?

Earth's Magnetic Field Disappears

The first thing that almost certainly happens due to the frozen core of the earth is the loss of the earth's magnetic power. Because the hot core of the earth and always rotating will create a magnetic field around the planet earth.

So that the loss of the magnetic field will certainly have an impact on the malfunctioning of the space station and the satellites in outer space. In the end all forms of electronic devices can not be used.

Like any sophisticated smartphone, GPS and so on will be useless. Airplanes, ships and all forms of transportation must be parked in any place because the navigation system also cannot be used.

The loss of the magnetic field will certainly make space asteroids can easily enter and penetrate the earth's surface.

There are only horses and bicycles

Just imagine that all countries in the world rely on geothermal energy to produce electrical energy. If the core of the earth freezes then the planet earth will be pitch black without any electricity flowing.

Everyone in the world will return to primitive times, where using fire as lighting. In addition, fuel scarcity will also occur and it is not impossible that fuel will become extinct and become history.

Therefore, fuel-oil type vehicles will become useless and can become shipwrecks. On the streets there are only bicycles and horses as a means of transportation.

Great Drought

The loss of the protective magnetic field will result in a thinning of the atmosphere and even direct sunlight will be able to penetrate the earth.

The temperature on earth will certainly rise drastically and will cause drought everywhere. Many living things will perish as a result of this extreme heat catastrophe.

Not to mention if there is a fire that will make the air quality the worst in the history of the world. Do not stop there, other disasters will also approach the earth.

Like the existence of space objects that number in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands will descend to earth without a barrier in the form of the earth's magnetic field.

Human Health Declining

With an increase in temperature and pressure that is so high, it will cause human health to decline.

If humans can adapt to this situation then diseases such as skin cancer, irritation and so on will appear and this is experienced every day by humans. Let's just say that humans are able to survive and create sun-resistant clothing.

It is possible that humans will live longer, but is it really so? With humans constantly living in armor, new problems will be created.

One of them is that human activities can be limited, social distancing is really carried out and much more. However, far from that the drought will paralyze many sectors. The population of living things will decrease drastically and maybe that's what is called the New Normal.

Volcanoes No Longer Erupting

As we know, volcanoes are always spewing hot lava from the earth's core. That is the positive side of the earth's core if it is completely frozen, namely the erupting volcano is no longer there.

However, volcanoes sometimes have a positive impact in the form of volcanic ash which can fertilize plants. In the absence of volcanic eruptions, plants will lose their natural fertilizers.


There are many theories that carry out research on the possibility of the Earth's core freezing. But the core of the earth will indeed be able to freeze but not soon and slowly.

It will take at least another 4 billion years for the Earth's core to freeze. Well, for now it is still far and we need to be grateful that the earth's core will not freeze in the near future. So, that was the discussion about what would happen if the earth's core froze, how interesting isn't it?
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