What If Humans Lived on the Moon, Could It Happen?

What If Humans Lived on the Moon, Could It Happen
What If Humans Lived on the Moon, Could It Happen

Many people want to be able to live outside planet earth. There are even many companies that offer unforgettable experiences to explore outer space like the moon.

But is it possible for humans to live on the moon? Is this condition possible? Turns out there's a lot to know before staying to the moon.

It's easier for humans to live on the moon than on Mars

Who would have thought that humans have a history of living on the moon more than living on Mars. As we know in 1969 humans first set foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to set foot on the moon and that is a bright spot for this.

Astronomical historical records reveal that it was easier for humans to live on the moon. Humans have more data about the moon than any other planet, so in other words humans would be better prepared to live on the moon.

Another reason why there is an opportunity for humans to live on the moon is that it is very close. The distance between the earth and the moon is very close to a count of 384,400 kilometers. While the distance between Earth and Mars, for example, reaches 225 million kilometers.

Travel time is a fairly important factor if there are humans who want to go somewhere in outer space. Mileage can be done in a matter of days if you want to go to the moon. Of course this depends on the rocket used.

Having a dream of living on the Moon is not a dream

Now more and more research is approaching the possibility of humans having life on the moon. NASA apparently is exploring the moon deeper in 2024 to 2028. Scientists are optimistic that the moon could become a home for humans at least as a transit point.

One who is optimistic about this is a physics professor who reveals that there are many technologies that allow humans to colonize the moon. Mathematically, this lunar mission is much more affordable.

Over the years NASA has spent a lot of money on extraterrestrial life. The two places that take up the most time and energy are Mars and the moon. Of course, from many factors, the moon is one of the main choices for researchers.

How to live on the moon

But don't expect exploring the moon to be easy. First of all, the main elements of human life must exist, one of which is air. For life to exist, scientists must create or transfer air to the lunar surface.

One of the technologies being developed is how to pump oxygen into closed structures. Of course the first step to think about is how to produce air. It's just that for the initial stage the option to be carried out is to bring in air from the earth.

The manager of the European Space Agency, revealed that scientists did not create air on the moon but are looking for a way to get it. Until now, the mission on the moon is not so that humans can live long there.

After air, the next thing to think about is water. Initially the researchers claimed that the moon did not contain water, aka dry. But who would have thought that scientists found liquid on the surface of nature.

It turns out that a comet that passes on the moon has an impact on the surface of the moon. Some evidence suggests that comets that have ice reservoirs drip water onto the lunar surface. Some researchers argue that water can arise as a result of the solar wind passing through space.

Even scientists are developing technologies that recycle water such as bath water, astronaut sweat, and urine. That way, water will remain on the moon so that humans can live on the moon.


It turns out that there is a possibility that humans can live on the moon. Moreover, scientists feel the earth is too old to accommodate humans. Therefore, the moon is trying to be used as an alternative to extraterrestrial life, even though the technology is being prepared.

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