Why has the Planet Venus never been touched by humans?

Why has the Planet Venus never been touched by humans?
Why has the Planet Venus never been touched by humans?

Venus and Mars are among the closest planets to Earth, but have you ever wondered why scientists always explore Mars instead of Venus? even though the planets are next to each other. And until now the Planet Venus has never been touched by humans.

For hundreds of years, humans have studied astronomy. If in the past humans could only observe celestial bodies from Earth, in modern times humans have been able to explore outer space. Many astronauts have landed on the Moon, and drones have been sent as far as Pluto.

The space exploration that many humans do is to the nearest planet, Mars. Since decades ago, NASA has been researching this red planet. Have you ever wondered why only Mars? Why doesn't NASA try exploring Earth's other neighbour, the planet Venus?

Planet Venus Close to Earth

Venus is the first closest planet to Earth. The distance between the two planets is 261 million km. If it takes astronauts four months to get to Mars, a trip to Venus only takes 100 days, that's roughly three months and 10 days, which means the trip to the planet Venus is closer than to the planet Mars.

Not far actually. But until now the Planet Venus has never been touched by humans.

Planets Venus and Earth are almost twins

Scientists call Venus is Earth's twin. In terms of diameter and mass, Earth and Venus are almost the same. They are both like twins. Unlike Earth, which is friendly to humans, the planet Venus tends to be "evil" and dangerous for living beings like us. Even rainwater does not have water, but mercury which is very dangerous and corrosive.

Venus Is Very Dangerous

One of the biggest reasons why the Planet Venus has never been touched by humans is because this planet is very dangerous. We already know that Venus is not the closest planet to the sun, but it has the hottest temperature in our solar system.

The temperature on the surface of Venus reaches 462 degrees Celsius and can even be higher than Mercury, which is closest to the Sun. Mercury's temperature is only 417 degrees Celsius. The planet Venus also rotates very slowly in its orbit compared to Mercury. One rotation, the planet takes 116 days 18 hours. That equates to less than four months on Earth.

Humans Can't Land on Venus

Venus is called the extreme planet because its surface is covered by toxic clouds made of sulfur dioxide. If the astronauts' spacecraft tried to penetrate Venus' atmosphere, they would be blown away by winds of up to 220 meters per hour.

Venus' Toxic Atmosphere

The second layer in Venus' atmosphere is clouds that can create sulfuric acid rain. However, because the temperature is too hot, the rain on Venus immediately evaporates in the air. As a result, created a toxic fog up to 16 km thick!
Entering the next layer, there is a heat mist with a temperature of 315 degrees Celsius. The air pressure is 10 times greater than the air pressure in the deep ocean. It is impossible for humans to breathe here. The closer to the surface, the higher the air pressure.

If the spacecraft could reach the surface of Venus, the entire fuselage would melt. That is another reason why the planet Venus has never been touched by humans.

Exploring Venus Is Very Difficult

Now, let's imagine this. Suppose there are astronauts who can land on Venus safely. It was impossible for them to go around and explore the planet Venus.

Venus reflects 90% of the sunlight it receives, thus making the surface of the planet Venus so bright that the human field of view is only three km. From 1970 to 1982, the Soviet Union sent eight drones to Venus. However, all the planes were destroyed in just 110 minutes! Since then, no more missions have been sent to Venus because the planet is so dangerous.


Venus is known as a beautiful planet in the solar system. This thing can shine very brightly in space. Scientists in ancient times believed that Venus was really Earth's twin sister. According to them, there is a hidden paradise under the thick clouds that envelop Venus.

Only in modern times in the 20th century have humans discovered the harsh reality that Venus is actually deadly. Well, those are some of the reasons why the Planet Venus has never been touched by humans.

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