About Half Earth Idea: What About Splitting The Earth Into Two Parts?

About Half Earth Idea: What About Splitting The Earth Into Two Parts?
About Half Earth Idea: What About Splitting The Earth Into Two Parts?

Have you noticed, lately air pollution is increasing, yes so much, the sky is no longer bright blue when there are no overcast clouds, the color becomes dull blue.

There is a writer who is also a biologist who came up with an idea called the "Half-Earth Idea" or the idea of ​​dividing the Earth into two which he thinks can help the Earth in overcoming the problem of pollution and other pollution problems on Earth.

About the Half-Earth Idea

The one who sparked this idea was E.O Wilson, one of the recipients of the Pulitzer Prize, an award given to writers or journalists. The half-earth idea is the idea of ​​dividing the Earth or turning half of the planet Earth into a "human-free" zone or creating an extreme conservation area, we can also call it a nature reserve.

Where we turn a part of the Earth into a wilderness where there is no human life there other than the life of the flora and fauna ecosystem, and let the ecosystem maintain and stabilize itself to the best of its ability. So the Earth will be divided in half and the Earth will be turned into a wilderness.

Wilson used the term Half Earth which was a concept from Tony Hiss' Smithsonian article on the question Can the World Really Set aside Half a Planet for Wildlife?

Actually, the idea of ​​splitting the earth is good enough to be applied on earth, considering that more and more life on earth is being destroyed due to human activities that carry out illegal practices on our environment, in order to take advantage of the existing nature. resource. This reckless human action makes our Earth today less stable.

It's Not Only Humans Who Build Life on Earth

Previously, did you realize that one of the reasons we are still able to survive on Earth is thanks to the biodiversity on Earth. We can live from food and other resources such as animals, plants on Earth that we can use as food and medicine, to small insects or even bacteria and other microorganisms that support life on Earth.

You must realize that humans are not the only creatures that make life on Earth possible today. We all work together to build a harmonious life, but now humans are increasingly arbitrary and destroy all the wealth on Earth.

If we continue like this, surely life on Earth will soon be destroyed guys. So from that came the idea of ​​half the earth. But do you think if half earth were applied, what would happen to our Earth? Is it getting better?

Dividing the Earth Makes the Earth Stable

One of the things that will happen if we apply the half-earth idea is, the ecosystems on earth will be protected. if we protect the ecosystems on earth, the number of ecosystems and species that are diminishing or endangered may have the opportunity to regenerate, so that we can continue to benefit from the benefits of existing resources in a sustainable manner.

Because the more biodiversity an ecosystem has, the healthier it is and a healthy ecosystem can purify water, help purify oxygen with its trees, reset an irregular climate, maintain soil for plants and food, and can help recycle nutrients on Earth. And it is certain that the Earth will become more stable. But can it be implemented?

Earthlings Must Move

If half the earth is to be applied to Earth, that means the 7.7 billion people on Earth must be able to take advantage of half the space or territory provided by Earth. Then that means the billions of people who live on the half of the earth that is used for conservation will have to move.

And just imagine, how Earth humans can move in droves? Well, some may agree and some may disagree. The implementation of Half Earth certainly requires the cooperation of all humanity, and we must unite.

But by the way, it means that even though the half-earth idea is good for Earth, it's actually not very good for humans, or life on Earth.

Dividing the Earth Will Cause Chaos Life on Earth

Just imagine in a part of the earth that is fit for human habitation, there will definitely be an excess of human population in that part of the earth. And of course there are lots of buildings such as houses, offices and so on in the area.

As we know, humans need not only a house, but also a source of food and a source of clean water to survive. Currently, one third of the earth's surface and 75% of its freshwater resources are used for crop and livestock production. But 10% of the earth's population is still struggling to get enough food.

If, for example, the human population in this part of the earth increased and the land for food decreased, how many more people on earth would starve? Meanwhile, we must not disturb any part of the ecosystem on the part of the earth that is used as a conservation area.

Economic Chaos on Earth

Then economically, forest resources will run out and the fuel industry will run out of natural resources. If this happens, millions of people will lose their jobs. But not only that, making part of the planet earth as a conservation area will cause huge losses for the plant industry, because 40% of the world's economy as a whole depends on biological resources.

This happens because the plant is in danger of losing its helper in the pollination process, namely bees. You know that whenever a bee takes pollen from a plant, it has to carry the pollen from one flower to another where it lands, and that's where the pollination process takes place. If the idea of ​​splitting the earth is implemented, there will be a risk of a mass reduction of the bee population, and this will have an impact on the biological resources on which we have depended.

Efforts to Protect the Earth Apart from Sharing the Earth

By the way, you don't have to worry and trying to implement the idea of ​​dividing the Earth on Earth, turning half of the Earth into a conservation area or wilderness is difficult.

Efforts to protect the earth can be done with small things, such as doing greenery in your area, or by not using many vehicles so that you can reduce pollution and air pollution, and dispose of garbage in its place to maintain water resources. Clean earth.

And we also have to be able to remind each other that we are all involved and contribute to the sustainability of life on Earth, not only humans, but also plants and animals on Earth, so from now on we are together to protect the Earth's ecosystem. and help protect it. endangered animals so that life on earth will always be stable. Is not it? Do you agree?


So we can conclude, Half Earth Idea seems too risky to do, because the idea of ​​Splitting the Earth is almost impossible to implement on Earth with the current state of the Earth. by the way, what do you think about this Half Earth Idea?
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