About Multiverse Theory, Could Other Universes Exist?

About Multiverse Theory, Could Other Universes Exist?
About Multiverse Theory, Could Other Universes Exist?

The Multiverse is a separate study for scientists. They even proposed testing related to the evidence for the existence of Multiverse.

How was the Multiverse Born?

Based on research by Matthew Johnson and his team from the Perimeter Associate Faculty, they delved further into the multiverse hypothesis. According to research, the inflation of the universe could open up the possibility of multiverses. Inflation is a period of expansion of the universe in a very fast, even faster than the blink of an eye.

During this period of inflation, the universe could expand or expand from the size of an atom to the size of a galaxy very quickly. According to this theory, inflation means never ending or eternal inflation, where there is a medium containing inflation, the energy that makes the universe expand rapidly.

Before the creation of the multiverses, it was originally a vacuum boiled by dark energy, vacuum energy, and the Higgs field (inflation field). Like boiling water, its energy evaporates and forms bubbles, which contain a lower energy vacuum. The energy in the bubble makes the bubble expand.

When the bubble expands, the bubble pool will separate so that the bubble universe becomes rare because of the distance. In the bubble universe model, the bubbles represent the universe and one of the bubbles represents our universe.

The Multiverse Theory of the CMB Bruise

Johnson developed a case study in which our bubble universe collided with one of the other bubble universes. From there he simulated a universe with two bubbles colliding and leaving bruises from the collision. These bruises could be evidence of a multiverse.

Bruises are circular bruises on the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background). The bruise is shaped like a disc on the CMB map and has low light intensity.

But this simulation does not take into account the atoms, stars, and some galaxies in it. This model is a large-scale model that only takes into account gravity and some other forces. For example, the collision of one bubble universe with another bubble universe will damage the CMB.

If it turns out that circular bruises are not found in the CMB, then it is clear that some models cannot be said to be valid to be taken into account in the multiverse model. This is another modeling of another universe. In theory, there are still 5 multiverse or multiverse theories put forward by scientists.

Multiverse Infinite Universe Theory

In this universe, we know that there are not only one or two universes. In this world the universe is flat and constantly expanding.

Here we are limited by space and time. We will see that there are many of our twins who have different lives in the same time and space. For example, if this morning we are in college. It could be that in one of the other universes, we are all at work, or doing something else.

Multiverse Bubble Universe Theory

The bubble universe has different physical laws from ours because they are not bound to us. According to Alexander Vilenkin, a cosmologist from Tufts University, when looking at space-time as a whole, this theory is a bubble network of the universe's space.

Dark energy permeated and pushed the universe to expand. In this theory, dark energy contributing to the expansion of the universe "sticks" to an expanding bubble in another dimension, and the entire universe is accommodated on the edge of the expanding bubble.

Multiverse Daughter Universe Theory

This theory is based on the theory of quantum mechanics, which suggests that several universes might have arisen from tiny worlds of subatomic particles. Subatomic particles in physics are particles that are smaller than atoms. In this world, quantum mechanics describes the world in terms of probabilities, meaning that something is possible even if we don't.

For example, when we are at a crossroads, there are two possibilities: we will turn left or right. Well, in this universe, when we turn right, it's possible that we all decide to turn left.

According to Greene, author of The Hidden Reality, in each universe we are the only reality, and the universe allows the formation of copies for any possible situation.

Multiverse Mathematical Universe Theory

In the hypothesis of a mathematical universe, the existence of mathematical structures equals the existence of physical existence. This theory assumes that the existence of mathematical entities is not only considered an explanation, but a complete and real form.

In this theory, he considers the existence of a hypothetical quantifiable universe. Its proponent, Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes this and suggests that the universe out there would continue to exist even without humans. However, this theory received a lot of criticism from other scientists.

Parallel Universe Multiverse Theory

This idea was put forward by Neil Turok and Paul Steinhardrt. They explain the existence of parallel universes, the existence of space floating in higher dimensional space. Our universe allows one of the "plates" to float in a higher dimension. In this theory, the Earth in a parallel world is slightly different from the one we live in.


That's my writing About Multiverse Theory, Could Other Universes Exist? from the experts. Some of these theories are bubble universes, infinite universes, princess universes, parallel universes, and math universes.

Currently we can only understand the theory of the multiverse. Scientists are already in the testing phase. Unfortunately, our current technology is not at the stage of actually discovering other universes beyond our own.
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