Tips for choosing the Best HEPA filter air purifier

Tips for choosing the Best HEPA filter air purifier
Tips for choosing the Best HEPA filter air purifier

Living in cities makes the quality of the air you breathe is not so healthy because it is polluted with pollution, dust, and germs. To overcome this, an air purifier is needed, which is a tool to clean the air. Of the many air purifiers, the HEPA filter air purifier is worth considering because it can filter pollutants and relieve allergies.

What is a HEPA filter air purifier?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. So, HEPA filter air purifier is an air purifier with maximum filter power. The difference between a regular air purifier and a HEPA filter air purifier is the filter element. HEPA filters are capable of filtering out very small particles, up to 0.3 micrometers in size.
The use of a HEPA filter air purifier is very good for those of you who have allergies to pollen, dust, dander, and mold. According to several studies, this air purifier can clean the air from viruses that are covered in droplets and bacteria. However, more in-depth research is still needed on this matter.

The HEPA filter can increase the air purifier's ability to clean the air by up to 99.7%. Bad smells from mold, mites, and cigarette smoke can be removed with this tool. In addition, this tool can also be a complement to the air conditioner so that the air you breathe is fresher and pollution-free.

How to choose the Best HEPA filter air purifier

There are many air purifiers that are equipped with a HEPA filter. Maybe this makes you confused when making a choice. Therefore, I will give some tips on choosing the best HEPA filter air purifier here.

Choose by filter level

HEPA filters are made of fiberglass which is folded in such a way that a filter surface of a certain density is obtained. However, not all HEPA filters are of the same filter quality. HEPA filters are divided into several grades, including:

1. HEPA 10, filtering efficiency up to 85%.

2, HEPA 11, filtering efficiency up to 95%.

3. HEPA 12, filtering efficiency up to 95.5%.

4. HEPA 13, filtering efficiency up to 99.7%.

When viewed from the level of filtration efficiency, it would be better if you choose an air purifier with a HEPA 13 filter. So, super small particles that are not visible to the eye or around 0.3 micrometers, such as pollen, can be filtered well.

Know the dimensions and weight of the HEPA filter air purifier

Dimensions, size and weight can be one of the considerations in choosing an air purifier. If you want to place the air purifier in your home, choose a medium or large size product. These air purifiers are usually more than 20 cm high and weigh more than 2 kg.

It is different if you are looking for a portable air purifier to use in the car. Look for a smaller, more compact air purifier. Small air purifiers are usually no more than 15 cm tall and weigh under 1 kg. On the other hand, a small air purifier can also be used in a boarding room with a limited area.

Knowing the dimensions of the air purifier and its weight can also help you determine the exact placement area. If the size is compact and the shape is minimalist, placing it in a drawer or table can beautify the room. An air purifier that is less heavy is also easier to transport.

Customize the coverage area and where to store it

The dimensions of the air purifier do not necessarily determine the coverage area. So, it is very important to adjust the coverage of the air distribution area with the room. For use in a small room or car, you can look for an air purifier with a range of about 5 m².

If you want to install an air purifier in your room, you can use an air purifier with an area of ​​about 24–40 m². Meanwhile, an air purifier with an area of ​​more than 40 m² is suitable to be placed in the living room or family room.

Pay attention to the noise level

Some air purifiers make quite a bit of noise so they can be a little annoying. In this case, you can consider an air purifier whose noise level does not exceed 60 dB. Apart from that, we also recommend that you check the available speed modes on the air purifier.

This speed mode allows you to adjust the speed of the air as well as the sound. High mode means the air purifier is running at high speed and the sound is quite noisy. While the low or sleep mode means the air purifier works at a lower speed and the sound is quieter.

Also check other features

To complete your needs, also check other features of the air purifier. You will find a timer feature, child lock, or an LCD screen that can display air quality and room temperature.

In addition, there is also an air purifier with an additional UV sterilizer. This feature serves to neutralize microorganisms in the air, such as viruses, germs, and bacteria. The UV lamp faces the HEPA filter and the particles trapped inside the filter are destroyed.

Another thing that is no less interesting is that currently, air purifiers are starting to be produced which are classified as smart home devices. Air purifiers in this category can be operated via smartphones. In addition, the diffuser feature on the air purifier is also interesting to note so you can inhale the soothing aroma of aromatherapy.


Breathing clean and fresh air is very good for the health of your lungs as well as your body. That is why the use of air purifiers has recently become very popular, especially in big cities.
Hopefully my article about Tips for choosing the Best HEPA filter air purifier above can help you find the best HEPA filter air purifier that suits your needs. So that the air purifier can work optimally, don't forget to always check and replace the filter regularly.
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