Tips for choosing the best bread maker

Tips for choosing the best bread maker
Tips for choosing the best bread maker

Who doesn't want to eat warm homemade bread every day? Unfortunately, the manufacturing process is not easy. Luckily, there is a super handy bread maker. You just need to add the ingredients, let the tools work, and the bread is ready to eat. Thanks to its practicality, many people began to target this tool.

How to choose the best bread maker

The scent wafting from the bakery's kitchen often entices anyone to try to bring it home. However, the process of making bread can be very complicated. Many people choose to withdraw from the exciting challenge of baking bread. Good thing there is now a bread maker. Anyone can make delicious bread at home without fear of failure.

Pay attention to the capacity of the bread maker

In the process of making bread, the bread maker provides several capacity options, for example 500 grams, 750 grams, up to 1000 grams. This capacity is the total weight of the dough entered.

- 500 gram capacity for a family of 1-2 people

- 750 gram capacity for a family of 3-4 people

- 1000 gram capacity for a family of 5-6 people

Paying attention to this capacity will help maintain the life of your bread maker. If you stir too often above the capacity limit of the bread maker, your appliance will quickly break down. So, love your bread maker by giving dough according to its capacity.

Check the features in the bread maker

The more sophisticated the bread maker, the more feature rich it has. Following are some of the features commonly found in bread makers.

- Snooze timer: You can enter all the ingredients in the evening and set the tool to start working in the morning. When you wake up, the bread is ready to be eaten warm.

- Keep warm: Bread is best eaten warm. This feature keeps the bread warm after cooking. Some tools provide up to 1 hour.

- Resume feature: Power outage really sucks! This feature does not automatically stop the electric current. So, you don't have to worry about your cooking show falling apart due to a power outage. The tool will continue to work for a certain time.

- Adjuster for doneness: Some people like the color of the bread, which is brown, golden brown, or dark. Your bread maker can make it happen. Just press the appropriate button, the bread is ready to your liking.

Look at the menu that can be made by a bread maker

Although primarily designed to make bread, bread makers are capable of producing other foods. Of course, each bakery product has its own menu. So that the purchase of a bread maker is not in vain, pay attention to the menu that can be made by the tool. Customize it with your favorite menu and family!

1. Bread with various shapes and textures: There are types of white bread, namely bread made from wheat or wheat flour. The content of calories and sugar is relatively high. Unfortunately, the nutritional content is not as much as whole wheat bread. In addition to whole grain breads, there are gluten-free breads. This bread is usually made from flour other than wheat, such as tapioca flour, sticky rice, and so on.

Bread maker provides a variety of bread menus, ranging from white bread to gluten-free bread. The more diverse the menu choices, the better chance you have to try them. Maybe you want to make a typical French baquette without a complicated process? Please look for a bread maker that provides this baquette menu.

2. Menus other than bread as a complement to the dish: Although it is called a bread maker, this tool actually has other interesting functions. One of them is making jam. You don't have to bother stirring for a long time in front of the stove. Just add the ingredients and press the jam button. After a while, your homemade jam can be served to accompany the bread.

Besides jam, there is still yogurt, green bean porridge, to pasta and noodles. After getting tired of trying all the bread recipes, you can cook another menu. Find your favorite menu in the bread maker and have fun experimenting.

Make sure the electricity consumption matches the electrical power in your home

The use of electricity consumption when using a bread maker is relatively large, ranging from 500 watts to more than 1000 watts. Therefore, first check the power consumption of your target bread maker. Don't let the power go out repeatedly because it can't stand the power of using a bread maker. Your plans for enjoying homemade bread could fall apart!

Pay attention to the shape of the pan in the bread maker

Tips for choosing the best bread maker2

Before deciding to buy a bread maker, be aware that the resulting loaf will be the same shape. So, don't imagine the bread will come out with a cute shape like in a bakery. There are two types of bread maker pans, namely square and rectangular.

For those of you who plan to make plain bread, a rectangular baking sheet bread maker is the right choice. So is French bread. If you're not too concerned about the shape of the loaf, you can use a square loaf pan. You can still be creative with a square loaf pan.

So, what if you want to make bread in a variety of shapes such as small buns or cinnamon rolls? You can use a bread maker to help with the kneading and proofing process. You still save energy and time. After proofing, all you have to do is take it out of the bread maker and shape it. Beautifully shaped buns are ready to bake in the oven or a regular bread maker.

Pay attention to the completeness of the bread maker product

The bread maker handles all stages of bread making, from kneading, developing, to baking. You can imagine how practical it is to use a bread maker. You don't need too much stuff. There is less washing of dishes.

On the other hand, you still need supporting tools, such as measuring cups, baking sheets, measuring spoons, and stirrer. These tools really help you in making delicious bread. However, the accuracy of the size also affects the success of bread making. It would be better if the bread maker you purchased also provided these tools.

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Also, make sure the manual is available. The presence of the manual makes it very easy for you to operate the bread maker optimally. It would be a plus if the bread maker also included a recipe book. The dosage and menu served must be according to your bread maker.


Tips for choosing the best bread maker1

- Can you cook a menu outside of a cookbook? Most of the menus at the bread maker are basic. Of course you can make it by adding toppings or other ingredients. What is clear, you need to listen to the manual or the menu again. Usually there are suggestions and information regarding the addition of ingredients.

- Why doesn't the bread in the bread maker rise? First, make sure you are using fresh yeast and second, make sure you put the bread maker at room temperature. If the bread maker is in a very cold room, the bread will be difficult to rise.

I understand your time is precious and by having a bread maker you can bake bread while doing other important activities. This bread maker is definitely a handy solution for those of you who crave easy everyday bread meals.

Make sure you follow Tips for choosing the best bread maker that I have written above in order to get a product that suits your needs. Don't forget to always read the manual contained in the bread maker so that you can use the bread maker optimally. Have fun experimenting with making delicious bread with the best bread maker!

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