Tips for choosing the best classic wall lamp

Tips for choosing the best classic wall lamp
Tips for choosing the best classic wall lamp

Installing wall lamp in the patio area and living room can certainly beautify your home. Choosing a good wall lamp can also make your home look more beautiful. One of the most attractive and popular wall lamp designs is the classic wall lamp.

Today, interior and exterior decorations with futuristic concepts are increasingly popular. However, a residence with a classic style remains popular, even as a timeless concept. One of the complementary residential decorations that deserves attention is the classic wall lamp.

Classical style, especially Europe, is characterized by carved ornaments and golden colors. The goal is to display the impression of luxury in a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. Classic wall lamps also certainly look antique, so they have their own uniqueness.

How to choose the best classic wall lamp

Next I will explain the points on how to choose a classic wall lamp that needs to be considered, so make sure you understand it so you don't make the wrong choice.

Choose a classic wall lamp based on the material

Classic wall lamps are available in a variety of materials. So, you can adapt it to the concept of the lighting installation area or choose it according to your taste.

1. Metal, looks elegant for a luxurious interior: If you like the classic European concept, metal wall lamps can be an option. Classic wall lamps are available in several types of metal, such as aluminum, iron, metal, and steel. The available colors are quite distinctive, namely black, gold, and bronze.

Classic metal wall lamps display a dashing and elegant impression. If installed in an indoor area, this wall lamp will bring a luxurious impression to your interior. Metal material also has good resistance to weather so it is also ideal for installation in outdoor areas.

2. Wood, brings a warm natural atmosphere: Not only European style, you can also choose classic wall lamps with patterns from the United States to Japan. Unlike the European style which is synonymous with metal and carving, some traditional nuances usually rely on wood. Classical wall lamps from wood made by hand certainly have their own artistic value.

The wood materials used to make wall lamps also vary, from bamboo to Dutch teak. Wooden lamps offer a natural and warm atmosphere, especially when turned on in the middle of a family gathering. Apart from being a lighting need, wooden wall lamps can also be used as aesthetic decorations for your home.

Choose a classic wall lamp based on its energy source

In general, classic wall lamps can be turned on in two ways, namely the power outlet and the solar panel. If you choose a lamp with an outlet, make sure it is close to the lamp. This aims to avoid the use of cables that are too long which can damage the aesthetics.

However, for those of you who want a neat wall without visible wires, solar panel energy sources are the solution. Solar cells or solar panels rely on solar energy during the day. If the weather is sunny, the light will be on for 8-10 hours at night. For this reason, this type of lamp must be installed in an outdoor area.

Pay attention to the size of the classic wall lamp

The size of the wall lamp will certainly affect the appearance of the installation area. We recommend that you adjust the area of ​​​​the room with the size of the lamp so that it is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. In addition, also check the size of the classic wall lamp from its height.

For a room that is not too large, choose a classic wall lamp with a maximum height of 25 cm. Meanwhile, if the installation area is large, you can choose a classic wall lamp with a height of more than 30 cm.

Also check the variations of classic wall lamp fittings

Usually classic wall lamps are sold separately between the lampshade and the bulb. However, it is not uncommon for sellers to only sell lampshades without providing a bulb. For this reason, checking the variety of fittings needs to be done so that you don't buy the wrong bulb.

Most classic wall lamps use E27 size light fittings. This fitting is the most common and widely used size for home lighting. So, you will have no trouble finding a product that matches your wall lamp of choice.

Meanwhile, there are also classic wall lamps that use G4 size fittings. The bulb used in the installation is very small. In this case, the classic wall lamp set requires several bulbs to get enough light.


Tips for choosing the best classic wall lamp1

I have finished discussing Tips for choosing the best classic wall lamp for your home. Make sure you know the type of classic wall lamp material to buy, both metal and wood. Another important thing is to check the size and energy source, as well as the type of bulb installation.
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