Tips for choosing the best electric stove

Tips for choosing the best electric stove
Tips for choosing the best electric stove

Currently, electric stoves are popular kitchen appliances because they are considered more practical with their small size. Another advantage, there is a portable type electric stove that can be carried around easily.

Then, there are also types of stoves that are easy to clean so they don't bother you.
When you hear about electric stoves, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Compared to induction stoves and gas stoves, many consider electric stoves to be less convenient for cooking.

In addition, electric stoves are considered less practical like gas stoves which are easy to use outdoors. Therefore, some people still think using an electric stove feels more inconvenient. But actually electric stoves have several advantages that other types of stoves don't have.

One of the advantages, there are a variety of cooking utensils that can be used on an electric stove. You can use water jugs, pans, and utensils for baking. The sound of the electric stove is also not noisy. You can also set the temperature needed to cook your own food. In addition, the electric power needed by an electric stove is not as large as an induction stove, so it can save costs.

You can also use an electric stove for various events with various needs. Can you imagine the atmosphere of gathering with family while grilling food on the table using an electric stove? Of course, those times were great fun.

How to choose the best electric stove you will choose when buying

An electric stove that is easy and convenient to use will certainly be very helpful when cooking. However, you need to pay attention to several things before choosing a particular brand and type of electric stove. I will write down what important things you need to pay attention to before buying an electric stove.

Pay attention to the detailed specifications of the electric stove heating parts

There are three types of electric stoves, and all three types have different advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at the three types of electric stoves that I have listed below.

1. Open wire model: A simple type of electric stove that is lightweight at an affordable price, the open wire model is the first type of electric stove made.

Tips for choosing the best electric stove1

The white part is heat-resistant earthenware. After that, there are coils of heating wire arranged in a spiral. When the heating process occurs, the heating wire will turn red and the heat can be used for cooking.

If you are using this type of stove, it would be better if you put a layer of mesh over the heating part. This stove has a light weight and small shape so that it can be used for small pots.

2. Closed spiral wire model: Known to be strong and durable, similar to previous types of stoves, this type also has coils of wire arranged in a circle. This wire is used to generate heat.

Tips for choosing the best electric stove2

However, this model stove has a layer that wraps around the wire. The wire is wrapped in an insulating material, then inserted into a metal pipe.

The main characteristic of this type of electric stove is its structure which has strong durability. Thus, the stove can be used longer. Meanwhile, stoves with exposed wires easily break the heating wires when scalded by hot water from the pot. So, it can be concluded that this type of spiral wire stove is indeed more durable.

This wire wrapping material is actually widely used in other stoves. This wire wrap can help control and stabilize the heat of the stove.

3. Plate model: Compact maintenance and easy to clean, this type of plate stove looks like an induction cooker, but is actually an electric stove. This type is equipped with a plate as a heating wire cover.

This type of stove is easy to clean by simply wiping the surface. As an alternative to gas stoves, electric stoves absorb a fairly high amount of electricity.

Tips for choosing the best electric stove3

However, many products with thermal power can be easily adjusted. If used with the same wattage, induction cookers are indeed more efficient than electric stoves.

However, electric stoves are better suited to a variety of cooking utensils. With an electric stove, you can use cookware made of aluminum and copper.

Choose an electric stove with an electric power consumption that suits your use

In general, there are three stages of power consumption in electric stoves. 300 watts of power to heat the outside, 300 watts to heat the inside, and 600 watts to heat the whole.

If you only want to warm the food, you can adjust all three stages. If you need very high heat for cooking, a 600 watt hob is not enough.

We recommend choosing a stove with a power consumption of 1000 watts or more. With this amount of power, you can cook faster. You just need to set the temperature level that suits your needs.

Pay attention to the length of the cable on the electric stove

While it is important to note, cable length often goes unnoticed. It's a shame if the length of your stove's cord doesn't reach the power source.

You can indeed use a cable reel. However, it would be better if the electric stove cable could be directly plugged into a power source. Our recommended cable length is about 1 meter to 1.8 meters.

Don't forget to check the specifications of the electric stove and especially the length of the cord before you buy it.

The best tips when using an electric stove

Some people find it difficult to use electric stoves, especially stoves that have low wattage. This type of stove takes a long time to reach the desired hot temperature.

For some people, of course this will be a waste of time so they think that electric stoves are not an efficient product. To overcome this, consider some tips for using the following electric stove.

Pay attention to the ingredients and the base surface of your cookware

When using an electric hob, pay attention to the size and material of the base surface of your cookware. If it's too big, you'll have a hard time getting the heat you want.

However, if it is too small, the heat from the heating wire will not work properly. Choose cookware of the right size. Also pay attention to the underside of your cookware.

Use cookware with a flat bottom surface and a size slightly larger than the size of the stove. Another thing that also determines the success of using an electric stove is the material or ingredients of your cooking utensils.

Aluminum is known as a good conductor of heat. So, the most suitable cooking utensils with electric stoves are those made of aluminum.

Use an electric stove only to warm food to save money

The process of cooking raw food until cooked using an electric stove will take a long time. It's best to cook on a regular stove top until the food is almost done.

Then, the food is cooked using an electric stove. You can also cook on a regular stove top until done, then use an electric stove to keep the food warm.

Grilling food is also easier

Grilling food using an electric stove is more practical than a gas stove. This is because the temperature on the electric stove can be adjusted precisely and easily.

First, place the grill on the electric stove, then place the food you want to bake. For the initial setting, use high heat. Once the grill starts to smoke, add the spices needed to make your meal delicious.

After that, you can lower the temperature of the stove so that the food does not burn. If the stove temperature is too hot, the stove should be turned off. The time it takes to bake varies depending on the ingredients.

Generally, the baking process takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes. By using an electric stove, you can easily bake a variety of foodstuffs.


While the popularity of induction cookers is increasing, electric stoves still have their own charm. With a simpler form and system, electric stoves are the right choice for those of you who are looking for a practical stove.

In addition, there are many electric stoves available with various shapes and features. After reading my article about tips on choosing the best electric stove, I hope you can find the best electric stove when you want to buy it.
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