Tips for choosing the best Ethernet cable

Tips for choosing the best Ethernet cable
Tips for choosing the best Ethernet cable

The internet has become a basic need for some people. To get a good internet network, you should choose the best Ethernet cable. There are many good brands of Ethernet cable on the market which can be confusing.

Tips for choosing the best Ethernet cable you can get

Ethernet cable is an important component in building an internet network. So, choosing an Ethernet cable must be right and should not be arbitrary. Here's Tips for choosing the best Ethernet cable that you can follow.

Know in advance the type of Ethernet cable

The first thing you need to do when choosing an Ethernet cable is to know the type of Ethernet cable. Maybe many do not know if there are various types of Ethernet cables. In order not to be confused anymore, you can listen to my explanation of the following Ethernet cable tips.

1. UTP cable: The most common type of cable used, but does not have a shield, UTP cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair) is a cable that does not use a shield. This type of cable is most often used to build an internet network. This cable consists of twisted pair cable so as to reduce and prevent electromagnetic interference.

This type of Ethernet cable is unfortunately fairly fragile so it is easily damaged if exposed to hard objects. In addition, UTP cable is also not resistant to electromagnetic fields. To overcome these weaknesses, you can use a protector such as covering it with a plastic pipe.

2. STP cable: The transmitted data is protected from interference, the STP cable (Shielded Twisted Pair) is also a pair of cables twisted together. However, STP cables have a protective layer made of aluminum foil. Shielding can protect the transmitted data from interference.

The disadvantage of this type of STP Ethernet cable is that signal attenuation or degradation can occur. Usually, this happens when receiving high frequencies. In addition, this type of Ethernet cable also has a more expensive price than UTP cable.

3. FTP Cable: Using aluminum foil to prevent electromagnetic interference, FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair) cable has four pairs of cables twisted together. In addition, this cable also uses aluminum foil which is installed just below the outer rubber.

Aluminum foil functions as an insulator that can withstand electromagnetic interference from outside the cable. FTP cables are a good choice of network cable than UTP cables, but they are of course more expensive.

There are several variations of FTP cables, namely S/FTP cables, F/FTP cables, and U/FTP cables. Cable classified as S/FTP (shielded foil twisted pair) is a combination of FTP and STP. The S/FTP cable type provides the highest level of protection against electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.

Know the categories of Ethernet cables and their transmission speeds

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Ethernet cable was not only divided into several types. However, Ethernet cables can also be distinguished by category. Each category of Ethernet cable has different characteristics and data transmission speeds. You can listen to the full explanation below.

1. CAT5 : CAT5 cable is the most widely used network cable, both for household and industrial needs. This category of cables provides data transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbps. CAT5 cables can be used on switches or hubs.

2. CAT5E: CAT5E cable can provide data transmission speed up to 1 Gbps. Because it is very fast, this category of cable is suitable for companies engaged in information technology. In addition, this cable can be used for outdoor installation because it has a lightning-proof feature.

3. CAT6: CAT6 cable has different connectors from other cable categories. However, this category of cable has a top speed of 10 Gbps. In addition, this CAT6 cable has a communication frequency of 250 Mhz which can protect data.

4. CAT6A: From the name it appears that this cable is an extension of the CAT6 cable. Therefore, the transmission speed of this cable is the same as in the CAT6 category. However, the communication frequency has increased to 500 Mhz. CAT6A is more suitable to be installed outdoors because it has high resistance to various weather conditions.

5. CAT7: CAT7 cable also has a speed of 10 Gbps. So far, this speed is the fastest. What distinguishes it from the two previous categories is the amount of communication frequency that reaches 600 Mhz.

Customize the Ethernet cable as needed

In addition to considering the type and category, you can also consider the needs in choosing an Ethernet cable. For example, for household purposes, you can use a CAT5 cable. CAT5 cable can also be used for network needs in offices that do not demand a very fast network connection.

If you want to use it for a server, choose a cable that can provide maximum data transmission speed. Examples are CAT6, CAT6A, or CAT7 cables. As for outdoor, make sure you choose a secure cable, such as an FTP type cable.

Frequently asked questions about Ethernet cables

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After I've covered Tips on how to choose the best Ethernet cable, I'll answer popular questions about Ethernet cables. Perhaps the following questions often arise in your mind about Ethernet cables.

1. What is an RJ45 Ethernet cable?

RJ45 Ethernet cable is an ethernet cable connector that is used to connect computers in a network to connect to the internet. The abbreviation RJ is taken from Registered Jack which is standard equipment on the network.

2. Does the Ethernet cable affect internet speed?

As I explained above, the category of Ethernet cable affects the speed of data transmission. In other words, the Ethernet cable affects the internet speed. CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 cables are cables that have the largest data transfer speed, which is 10 Gbps.

3. Is the Ethernet cable weatherproof?

There is indeed an Ethernet cable that can be installed outdoors. Cables that are installed outdoors usually have special specifications that are resistant to weather changes. However, there are also Ethernet cables that are not recommended for outdoor installations.


An ethernet cable is important to consider when you want to build a computer network. You can choose an Ethernet cable based on the type, category, to needs.

I have discussed this article thoroughly about Tips on how to choose the best Ethernet cable. I hope my writing can help you in choosing an Ethernet cable when you want to buy one.
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