Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers

Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers
Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers

Home theater speakers can bring your TV sound to life. But for those of you who might be looking for home theater speakers for the first time, of course it will be difficult to make a choice because of the many product choices on the market, right?

Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers for you

Therefore, this time I will explain tips on choosing the best home theater speakers for you.

Choose the type of home theater speaker according to the available space

There are various models and types of home theater speakers on the market. Come on, choose a home theater speaker that best suits your room conditions!

1. Shelf type: Easy and practical arrangement, Home theater speakers with rack type are very practical because they can be used as a TV table at the same time. In addition to placing the TV, you can also put a DVD player or recorder on the shelf. So, for those of you who have a lot of other electronic equipment, this type will be useful.

Please note, the sound emitted by this type of speaker only comes from the front. Those of you who want a more realistic sound sensation may not be satisfied with this. This type is more suitable for those of you who like simple items or those of you who have plans to add to their speaker collection in the future.

2. Multi Speaker Type: Equipped with qualified audio equipment, suitable for large rooms, for those of you who want to enjoy a more stable sound, choose this multi speaker type. You can place three speakers near the TV and two behind the audience seats. In addition, this type also has a woofer that will give the sensation of a booming bass sound. So that the resulting sound will sound dynamic and feel so real.

However, if there are six or more speakers available, you are required to have a large room as well. Therefore, this type is more suitable for those of you who have a large room.

3. Sound bar type: It doesn't take up much space and fits well with a small TV. If your TV is small, choose a sound bar type with integrated speakers and woofers in one place. This type is suitable for limited space because you only need to place it in front of the TV. Plus, you don't need to connect multiple speakers to the TV. Well, for those of you who don't want to bother preparing audio equipment, this type of speaker can be an option.

4. Split type: Expandable and suitable for beginners, the split type has the speakers and woofer placed in front. This type is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy lively sound even in a small room. Compared to speakers placed somewhere else, this type of sound effect sounds more real.

Plus, you don't have to worry about where to store it. This type has many models that can be developed by increasing the number of speakers. For those of you beginners who are just trying to use home theater speakers, choose this type.

Adjust the number of channels to the available space

Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers2

The number of channels varies greatly depending on the number of speakers. The three most frequently encountered models are 2.1 Ch, 5.1 Ch, and 7.1 Ch. When choosing speakers, the space to put them later also needs to be considered, yes. That way, you can adjust the number of channels based on the available space.

- 2.1 Ch: Easy to install in a small room, the Home theater speaker with the 2.1 Ch model contains two front speakers and one woofer. Because the layout does not take up space, this model is very suitable to be placed in a small room such as a studio.

This model easily adapts to the existing space. But sometimes there are products that do not support the latest audio systems such as Dolby Digital Plus. So, make sure to check if your speaker of choice is compatible with the audio of the system you want to connect to.

- 5.1 Ch: The perfect choice for watching movies, the 5.1 Ch model has two speakers at the front, two speakers at the back, one speaker in the middle and one woofer. This 5.1 Ch model can be said to be ideal for accompanying you to watch movies. Why is that? Because you can feel the sensation of sound that is so real coming from in front of you and behind you. The features offered by this model do make the sound more lively like watching in a cinema.

So, for optimal sound results, you need to position the speakers around the audience. Therefore, you are required to prepare a large enough space before buying a 5.1 Ch model speaker.

- 7.1 Ch: Gaming is more satisfied with solid audio, the 7.1 Ch model has the most speakers. This type is basically the same as the 5.1 model. However, two additional speakers called surround back were added as a complement.

As a result, you can experience 360-degree sound that comes from all angles! So, this speaker is very reliable for watching movies as well as playing games. Since the speakers are large and arranged around the audience, you also need a lot of space.

Choose the surround sound you want

The result of the sound heard from the speakers depends on the type of surround sound. The lowest priced speakers usually have front surrounds that offer sound from the front speakers only. Granted, the front surround produces better sound than the TV speakers, but the sound is still pretty average.

Well, if the speakers have a virtual surround effect, it looks like the sound is also coming from behind. However, since it is only virtual, the sound will not be so clear. If you want true-to-life sound, choose speakers with surround sound that provide a 360-degree sensation. This can be achieved by placing the speakers at the front and at the back.

However, the sound produced will differ depending on the number of channels. The 2.1 Ch model does not allow this surround sound effect. If you prioritize sound quality, choose the 5.1 Ch model and above because of the real surround sound effect. However, for those of you who have a limited budget, the 2.1 Ch model with front surround is quite helpful.

Planning to expand your speakers? See also AV amplifier!

The AV amplifier is an important factor in building a true home theater feel. Since the sound output from the speakers is controlled by the AV amplifier, you should not underestimate its functionality and performance.

Most AV amplifiers support the 5.1 Ch model. However, there are some products that cannot support the 7.1 Ch model or 9.1 Ch model. If you are planning to develop a surround sound system, make sure your AV amplifier is compatible!

In addition, if it is difficult to adjust the sound output of each home theater speakers, instead of being good, it will only add to the cost. Therefore, look for home theater speakers that have an automatic sound field correction function. This function allows the speaker to correct the sound output automatically by adjusting the available space. Keep this in mind too when choosing your home theater speakers.

More comfortable with wireless home theater speakers

If your speaker is a 2.1 Ch model, its presence will not interfere. However, if the model is more than 5.1 Ch, you will need to arrange the speaker and TV cables. This needs to be considered, especially for those of you who have a DVD player and recorder. If so, the cables will become more numerous and difficult to tidy up together. If you don't want to bother, we recommend choosing speakers with a wireless connection.

Today, there are many products that can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi. So, consider this when choosing, ok? To be free from obstacles, choose WiFi with a dual band model that supports 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz frequencies.

How to install home theater speakers

Place and position to put the home theater speakers also need to be considered carefully. Well, there are two points that you must hold in order to place the speakers correctly.

First, the center speaker and front speakers are placed side by side in front. Then, rear speakers are installed on the right and left rear. Ideally, the viewing position should be surrounded by these speakers. Therefore, the location of the subwoofer should surround your viewing area.

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Second, make the height of each speaker uniform. Regardless of the size of the room, the sound produced will depend on the position of the woofer and the height of the speakers being the same.


Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers1

What do you think about my discussion of Tips for choosing the best home theater speakers this time? If you install home theater speakers at home, your TV will sound more alive. Especially if you are not satisfied watching movies or playing games only with low sound.

However, don't forget to choose speakers that are commensurate with the size of the room in your home. That way, the sound results can still be optimal without making the room cramped.

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