Tips for choosing the best mini iron

Tips for choosing the best mini iron
Tips for choosing the best mini iron

Wearing clothes that are wrinkled because they have been folded in a closet or suitcase for too long are certainly very annoying. To make your needs easier, it's a good idea to have a mini iron that is compact for traveling. In fact, mini irons are also suitable for those of you who live alone, both in boarding houses and apartments.

How to choose the Best mini iron

The iron you buy will be worth it if it suits your needs. Therefore, use the following selection guide so that you get the right iron.

Decide by type of mini iron

Just like regular irons, mini irons on the market also consist of two types, namely electric irons and steam irons. So, which one should you buy?

1. A steam iron is an iron whose heat source comes from water vapor. Inside the iron body there is a water tank which will be heated by the machine, then produce steam. Steam irons can also spray water on clothes for the purpose of scenting and smoothing clothes.

The advantages of a steam mini irons include:

- Can function as a dryer as well as a lubricant for clothes.

- Heat is generated more evenly.

- Can be used for a variety of non-electric ironable fabrics, such as chiffon and silk.

- Can remove wrinkles quickly.

After ironing with a steam iron, you must first cool the clothes. The goal is that the clothes are not damp due to exposure to moisture. If clothes are stored directly in the closet or suitcase without refrigerating, they will easily smell musty.

2. An electric iron is an iron whose heat source is channeled through a plate or iron plate made of stainless steel or Teflon. Electric irons circulating today are mostly equipped with temperature regulators and thermostats. The thermostat is used to keep the heat of the iron stable. So, the electricity will turn off automatically when it reaches a certain temperature.

The advantages of electric mini irons include:

- Heats up faster because there is an iron plate on the iron.

- Clothes can be directly folded and stored without refrigerating first.

- Has an automatic heat setting which is easy to operate.

However, electric irons are not suitable for certain types of fabrics. Also, if you neglect to pay attention, the iron can also damage or burn the fabric.

Choose according to the shape of the mini iron

Tips for choosing the best mini iron1

Due to their small size, mini irons come in many forms. In addition to the regular mini iron, there are foldable mini irons and portable mini irons.

1. Folding mini iron is an iron that can be folded into a more compact size. This type of iron can make your luggage easier because it doesn't take up much space in your bag or suitcase.

So, a folding mini iron is perfect for carrying on the go. You only need to unfold the iron when you want to use it, then fold it back when you want to store it.

2. Portable mini irons are irons that can be operated without the need for cables. Its working principle is similar to that of a cell phone or laptop. The cable is only needed to charge the hot iron.

After that, when the cable is removed, the heat in the iron remains and can be used for some time. This iron will make ironing easier because you will not be bothered with cables that might interfere.

Pay attention to the size and weight

When looking for a mini iron, don't forget to check the size and weight of the iron. Although they are smaller than regular irons, they vary in size and weight. On average, mini-iron is no more than 25 cm long and weighs under 2 kilograms.
You can adjust the size and weight of this iron according to your needs. For traveling, a lightweight mini iron will certainly not burden your luggage. However, a mini iron that is slightly heavier when used will be more stable so it will not easily slip out of your hands.

Check the mini iron's power consumption

Tips for choosing the best mini iron2

Also pay attention to the power consumption required by the iron. The more power the iron needs, the faster it heats up. But of course this makes the cost bigger because it consumes more electricity. Meanwhile, the smaller the electric power, the longer it takes to heat the iron but it is much more energy efficient.


Due to its compact shape, carrying a mini iron on the go will not burden your belongings. In addition, for those of you who live alone in a limited space, having a mini iron can also make your furniture compact.

Hopefully my review of Tips for choosing the best mini iron can help you find a mini iron that fits all your needs. With the right choice of iron, ironing anything and anywhere can be fun!
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