Tips for choosing the best power amplifier

Tips for choosing the best power amplifier
Tips for choosing the best power amplifier

A show definitely needs a sound system. So that the resulting sound is clearer, use a power amplifier. However, there are still many people who are confused about the difference between mono and stereo type power amplifiers. Therefore, I will discuss tips on choosing the best power amplifier in this article.

What is a power amplifier?

Power amplifier is used to amplify the received sound signal (input) in order to produce (output) maximum. Power amplifier can also be interpreted as an audio signal amplifier so that the sound is louder and clearer.

Power amplifiers are used for various purposes in everyday life. For example, power amplifiers can be used for various electronic devices that produce sound. Not only that, power amplifiers are also used to support satellite communication equipment.

How to choose the best power amplifier

So that the resulting sound quality is better, of course you have to choose a good power amplifier too. In choosing it can not be arbitrary. In order not to make the wrong choice, you can listen to my explanation about choosing the best power amplifier below.

Try to find out the type of power amplifier

Before choosing a power amplifier, it's good to know the types first. Types of power amplifiers can be distinguished by the number of amplified signal paths. To make it clearer, you can pay attention to my explanation about choosing a power amplifier below.

1. Mono power amplifier: Mono power amplifier can only be used to amplify signal on one channel. The reason is, this power amplifier only has one input and output line. No wonder this type is said to be the simplest.

With this type of power amplifier, the sound produced is also in the form of mono audio. The advantage is that everyone will hear a sound that seems to come from one position and the price is also more affordable.

2. Stereo power amplifier: The stereo power amplifier can be used to amplify two channels at the same time, namely the left (L) and right (R) audio lines. This type of power amplifier has two inputs and one output. Using this power amplifier will produce stereo audio.

The advantage of stereo audio is that it sounds natural. Therefore, a stereo power amplifier is a common requirement if you want to host a show. That way, the sound produced in the show will be better.

Choose a power amplifier based on its class

Besides consisting of several types, power amplifiers also have several classes. Each class certainly has different advantages. Here's my full explanation of choosing the best power amplifier in several classes.

1. Class A: Most often used because of its low level of signal distortion, class A power amplifiers have the simplest design. In addition, class A power amplifiers are also the most widely used. The advantage of class A is that it has low signal distortion and the highest linearity of all power amplifier classes.

2. Class B: Amplifies half-wave input so that it is more efficient than class A, class B power amplifier can amplify half-wave input. This is what makes it more efficient than class A. If expressed in percent, the strengthening of class B reaches 78.5%. Class B unfortunately often causes crossover distortion.

3. Class AB: The use of power is quite efficient like class B, but the distortion level is quite low like class A. It can be said that this class AB power amplifier is a combination of classes A and B. This power amplifier has the same power saving as class B. such as class A. Therefore, this class is often used in the design of audio power amplifiers.

4. Class C: Very high power efficiency and widely used to amplify the frequency of communication devices, Class C power amplifier can only amplify the input signal of less than half wave. As a result, the distortion at the output is very high. However, the power efficiency is up to 90%. So, class C is the right choice for amplifying frequencies in various communication devices.

5. Class D: Using pulse width modulation technique, Class D power amplifier using pulse width modulation technique. This class has power efficiency from 90% to 100%. In other words, this class D power amplifier does not waste power. In addition, class D also wastes no time during signal transitions.

Customize features to your needs

Features can also be considered in choosing a power amplifier. For example, you can choose a power amplifier with an integrated pureband crossover system. With this feature, the resulting sound quality can be improved. Some power amplifiers can also accept audio input via Bluetooth. In other words, you can play music through your smartphone.

Then, you can also choose a power amplifier that has a plug feature for mobile devices. This feature allows the phone to be connected directly to the power amplifier. In addition, there is also a power amplifier with protective features that can reduce heat.

Consider the place of installation and the amount of power

In choosing a power amplifier, you must also consider the place of installation. The reason is, the power amplifier used for indoor and outdoor is certainly different.

Power amplifiers used for outdoor must have greater power. The power required generally reaches 100 watts or more. Meanwhile, only use a power amplifier that has a minimum power of 10 watts if used indoors.


Tips for choosing the best power amplifier1

In choosing a power amplifier, you must be really observant. If you choose a power amplifier that suits your needs, the quality of the resulting sound output is also better. You can consider the type, features, and place of installation.

I have discussed tips for choosing the best power amplifier in detail. and when you want to buy a Power Amplifier make sure you can choose according to your needs and the best of course.
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