Tips for choosing the best shoe glue

Tips for choosing the best shoe glue
Tips for choosing the best shoe glue

Don't throw away damaged shoes! So that it is not in vain, try fixing it with shoe glue. Now there are many good shoe glues at affordable prices. Some of them are even durable and the adhesive power is very strong.

How to choose the best shoe glue

On the market there are many types and brands of shoe glue with their respective advantages. In order not to make the wrong choice, here I give Tips for choosing the best shoe glue that you can use as a reference when choosing when you want to buy it.

Pay attention to the basic ingredients of shoe glue

In fact, there are many different types of materials used in shoe glue. However, in my article this time I will discuss the materials commonly used for shoe glue because they are known to be strong and durable.

1. Cyanoacrylate: It dries in a short time, Cyanoacrylate based shoe glue is known as superglue. Its extraordinary drying speed makes this shoe glue the choice of many people. In fact, there is a shoe glue that can dry in just seconds.

Usually, shoe glue made from cyanoacrylate has a runny texture. However, following consumer needs, now many manufacturers are making shoe glue with a gel texture. Although the textures are different, they are equally easy to spread and have good absorption.

This shoe glue can basically stick to various types of shoes. However, this shoe glue will work best on rubber shoes and fabrics. Remarkably, based on research, cyanoacrylate material proved to be less toxic than other materials.

2. Polyurethane: Excellent durability. For those of you who are concerned with durability, you can try shoe glue made from polyurethane. This shoe glue offers a very strong adhesion and is also durable, even able to withstand extreme temperatures.

In contrast to shoe glue made from cyanoacrylate, shoe glue made from polyurethane does not dry too quickly. However, this can also be an advantage as you can immediately remove and reapply it if something goes wrong. In addition, this shoe glue also has a very thick texture. So, the risk of spilling will be reduced.

Due to its very thick texture, polyurethane shoe glue is perfect for use on thick shoes. Some of these shoe glue products can also be used as shoe coatings. Another material that is similar in texture to polyurethane is toluene.

3. Polyvinyl acetate and resin: The formula is softer, the polyvinyl acetate material is known as PVA or PVAc. Just like polyurethane, this material is a kind of polymer material. Therefore, its durability is very good so it is safe to glue the outside of damaged shoes.

Shoe glue made from polyvinyl acetate has lighter properties. In addition, the texture is also not as thick or thick as polyurethane shoe glue. To glue shoes with porous materials such as cloth or canvas, this shoe glue is perfect for use.

There is also a polymer shoe glue that is similar to this material, namely resin. Its durability and lightweight texture is similar to that of polyvinyl acetate shoe glue. You can even find resin shoe glue that is so light it's safe to use on delicate shoes.

Pay attention to the color of the shoe glue after it dries

Tips for choosing the best shoe glue1

You certainly don't want the marks of shoe glue to be clearly visible on the shoes, do you? For that, it is also important to know the color that the shoe glue produces after it dries. If not, shoe glue can actually damage the appearance of your favorite shoes. To glue the top and outside of the shoe, I recommend choosing transparent shoe glue.

There are some shoe glues that leave a color after drying, usually yellow or brown. If you need it for the outside of the shoe, use it only on dark colored shoes.


Tips for choosing the best shoe glue2

Thus my discussion of Tips for choosing the best shoe glue. Before applying, first clean the shoes to be glued from dust and dirt.

After that, place the glued shoes in a safe place and avoid damp places and make sure they are out of reach of children from the shoes. Finally, make sure the shoe glue is completely dry before you put it on.
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