Tips for choosing the best smart TV

Tips for choosing the best smart TV
Tips for choosing the best smart TV

Tired of mediocre television shows? Try using a smart TV. In addition to having more sophisticated technology, smart TVs offer a wider variety of entertainment shows. You can enjoy YouTube, Netflix, and other services such as browsers and games.

How to choose the best smart TV

So that you are not wrong in choosing a smart TV product, there are several points that you should pay attention to. The points that I will explain through my article on how to choose a smart TV will certainly make it easier for you to get the best product.

Adjust the screen size of the smart TV to your needs

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As the name implies, s offer technology that is smarter and more sophisticated than televisions in general. However, one's need in buying a smart TV is certainly not just for watching. For that, the first thing you should know before making a choice is determining the purpose of its use.

1. Size 32 to 43 inches: For those of you who live alone, watching television in your spare time is one of the most enjoyable activities. Apart from being a means of entertainment, every television show you play can be a source of up-to-date information. Not infrequently, television is one of the electronic equipment that is always available at home.

If you currently live in a boarding house, consider choosing a television that is not too big. You can choose smart TVs from 32 to 43 inches. Besides being able to save costs, a minimalist-sized smart TV will make the room look less cramped.

2. Size 50 inches: For more diverse needs, the needs of a person when buying a television are certainly very diverse. Not only for watching favorite videos or movies, many also use television to play games and make presentations.

For more diverse needs, you can use a 50-inch smart TV. With a wider screen, the games you play will feel more satisfying. In fact, every presentation slide that you show will be easy to read.

Besides being able to be used for certain needs, this 50-inch smart TV also provides comfort when watching with family. Try placing a 50-inch smart TV in the living room, then add a sofa and plant decorations or a family photo. The atmosphere will be warmer!

3. Size 65 inches: To make the room look more luxurious, the screen size of the smart TV also needs to be adjusted to the size of the room and the concept of the house you live in.

Especially if the concept of your home is designed in a modern way, you need to choose the right smart TV to support the interior. For a luxurious look, consider using a 65-inch smart TV.

With a large television, you can make the relationship between family members more intimate without having to provide a television in every room. Especially if you live in a house far from the city and cinema facilities.

With just a 65-inch smart TV, create your own mini cinema at home. And, to make watching movies at home even more perfect, connect a smart TV with speakers or a home theater.

Pay attention to the image resolution of the smart TV

When you are in a store that sells televisions, you may often hear and read the term resolution. Not just writing, you have to really pay attention to the quality of the resolution offered on smart TV products. So, what is resolution?

Resolution is the number of pixels on the screen including the smart TV screen too. However, it should also be noted that a large screen size does not necessarily have a large resolution. Currently, several smart TV brands offer various resolution sizes. Some of them are HD (1280 x 720), Full HD (1920 x 1080), and 4K (3840 x 2160). In fact, there are several smart TV brands that offer resolution sizes up to 8K (7680 x 4320).

Pay attention to the completeness of the smart TV features

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If you already have an idea about the smart TV product that you will use? However, do not rush. There is something else you should pay attention to. In addition to screen size and resolution, make sure the smart TV product you choose offers the features below.

1. HDR feature to get quality pictures: The picture quality displayed on a smart TV doesn't just depend on the pixel resolution. HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature support also has an effect. This feature will make the pictures and videos displayed through the smart TV look more real.

HDR will increase the brightness of the colors in each displayed image. In fact, the level of color gradation will look more detailed than a regular smart TV. For those of you who are concerned with picture and video quality, be sure to choose a smart TV that has HDR support.

2. Check the availability of HDMI, USB, and LAN ports: In addition to the availability of the HDR feature, try checking the availability of HDMI, USB, or LAN ports. The HDMI port will help you to connect your smart TV with other devices. For example, when you want to connect your television with DVD or game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

Unlike the HDMI port, the USB port is useful for reading data stored on external storage media. One example is when you want to play a movie stored on an external hard disk or flash disk.

While the function of the LAN or Ethernet port is to connect an internet connection through the help of a cable. Oh yes, some smart TV brands also offer internal storage features, you know. You can also take advantage of this feature to save your data and favorite movies that you have downloaded.

Adjust the budget to buy a smart TV

My last point that you should consider is regarding the budget limit that will be issued. Although the features offered look the same, each brand and type of smart TV product certainly offers a different price. For that, try to operate it before deciding to buy a smart TV.


Smart TV is a sophisticated television that is not only used for watching. Smart TVs can be used to access a browser, run applications, or play YouTube videos. With a smart TV, you will get a lot of entertainment shows.

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Hopefully my article on Tips for choosing the best smart TV can help you to get the best product when you want to buy it.

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