Tips on how to choose the best rechargeable battery

Tips on how to choose the best rechargeable battery
Tips on how to choose the best rechargeable battery

Rechargeable batteries are one solution to reduce the pile of garbage generated by households. Unlike ordinary batteries, this one power source can be recharged and used up to hundreds of times. Various types and sizes of rechargeable batteries can be easily found in the market, ranging from 18650, AA, to AAA.

How to choose the best rechargeable battery when you are about to buy

The sheer number of rechargeable batteries on the market may confuse you. Therefore, we are going to share some tips on choosing a good rechargeable battery. Let's look carefully so that there are no mistakes when buying a rechargeable battery.

Choose by rechargeable battery type

In general, rechargeable batteries are divided into three types, namely NiCd, NiMH, and Li-Ion. Each type of battery certainly has its own advantages and characteristics. I'll explain the different types of batteries in more detail below.

1. NiCd: The oldest type of battery, having the heaviest weight, rechargeable NiCd or Nickel-cadmium batteries are the oldest type in terms of technology. The hallmark of this type of battery lies in its heavy weight. NiCd batteries also have a weakness in the form of a memory effect.

The meaning of the memory effect is the capacity of the battery can be reduced if it is not recharged in the right way. In short, NiCd type batteries must be completely discharged before recharging because if this is not done then the battery will be easily damaged.

NiCd batteries use nickel oxide hydroxide and metal cadmium as electrolytes. Since they contain cadmium which is a toxic material, rechargeable NiCd batteries must be recycled or disposed of in a proper manner.

2. NiMH: NiMH: This type is more environmentally friendly and looks slimmer, also NiMH or Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries are a substitute for the previous generation, namely NiCd. No wonder the NiMH battery has a capacity of 30% greater than NiCd. In addition, it is smaller in size. It is also lighter in weight.

NiMH rechargeable batteries are also considered more environmentally friendly because they do not contain cadmium. Unfortunately, this type of battery can still be slightly affected by the memory effect. So, while NiMH battery maintenance tends to be easier, it's a good idea to keep recharging the battery when it's completely depleted.

3. Li-Ion: The newest, lightest and safest technology, the last type is Li-Ion or Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This type of battery is the newest among other types. Therefore, Li-Ion batteries have a higher power capacity than NiMH or NiCd types. Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are also 30% lighter than the previous two types.

Not only that, the Li-Ion type battery does not have a memory effect weakness. That way, this type of battery can be recharged even though it's not completely empty.

Pay attention to the capacity of the rechargeable battery

When you buy a rechargeable battery, of course, you expect the product to be able to charge electronic devices for a long time. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the capacity of the rechargeable battery purchased. In simple terms, battery capacity shows the amount of energy that can be accommodated by the battery and then channeled to electronic devices.

Battery power is indicated in mAh (milli-Amperes per hour). The larger the battery capacity indicated in mAh, the higher the amount of energy. This means that rechargeable batteries can provide energy for electronic devices for longer.

Make sure the size of the rechargeable battery is compatible with your electronic device

The final point to consider when purchasing a rechargeable battery is to make sure it is compatible with your electronic device. Just like batteries in general, rechargeable batteries also have several size options. Here's the explanation:

1. Rechargeable 18650 battery: Rechargeable battery with code 18650 has the largest size with a length of 65 mm. According to their size, these batteries are generally used in portable electronic devices that require large amounts of power, such as electric vehicles.

2. AA rechargeable battery: AA rechargeable battery is smaller than 18650. AA battery length is about 50.5 mm. AA size is most popularly used in electronic equipment, such as flashlights, wall clocks, and toys.

3. AAA rechargeable battery: The size of AAA rechargeable battery is the smallest among others. Its length is only about 44.5 mm. Because of this, usually AAA batteries are used to charge digital cameras, remote controls, or MP3 players.

With different sizes of rechargeable batteries, you should really check their compatibility with the electronic devices in your home. Do not let the battery that has been purchased can not be used because it can not be installed properly.


Besides being safe in the pocket in the long run, the use of rechargeable batteries is also environmentally friendly. Just imagine, by using a rechargeable battery, you can reduce the pile of garbage that is usually generated after the battery runs out.

However, make sure you follow the tips on how to choose the best rechargeable battery that I described above. That way, you can get superior quality rechargeable battery products that are durable and long lasting.
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