Tips on how to choose the best 4K monitor

Tips on how to choose the best 4K monitor
Tips on how to choose the best 4K monitor

4K monitors project images at four times greater resolution than Full HD. For a lower price than a 4K TV, a 4K monitor can be connected to a PC for work or gaming.

How to choose the best 4K monitor

Here are some points from me that you need to pay attention to when choosing a 4K monitor. Make sure the monitor of your choice will have the specifications that suit your needs when you want to buy someday.

Choose the 4K monitor size according to the intended use

The distance between the eye and the monitor is generally calculated by the formula for the screen height times 1.5. For monitors measuring ±44 inches, the ideal viewing distance is 1 meter, while for monitors measuring ±35 inches is 0.9 meters. This distance is adjusted so that you can comfortably enjoy the entire image spread over the field of view.

If you want to connect a 4K monitor with a computer, your computer desk will also need to be set up. The ideal viewing distance between the monitor and the human eye when sitting in front of a computer desk is 50-60 cm. For that, choose a monitor measuring 27 – 31 inches only. Monitor size that is too large will make your eyes tired easily.

If you use a 4K monitor for gaming purposes, the size of the room is also very important. Choose a monitor measuring ±44 inches for a room measuring 12.8 square meters and measuring ±35 inches for a room measuring 7.2 m to 9.6 square meters.

Choose the type of 4K monitor panel according to your needs and usage

There are three types of liquid crystal or LCD display panels for 4K monitors, including IPS, VA, and TN. Through this article, we will invite you to get to know each display and its proper use. That way, you can choose a 4K monitor according to your needs.

1. IPS panel: Wide viewing angle and easy to see from various sides, the IPS (In Plane Switching) panel has a wide viewing angle so that the image display will not change even when viewed from various sides.

The colors displayed also don't change from whichever side you look at them. This type is perfect for those of you who have to work with the monitor condition is not located straight in front of your eyes. In addition, the IPS panel has a pretty good graphic beauty so it is very suitable to be chosen by those of you who often watch movies.

2. VA panel : Looking beautiful from the front with high contrast, the VA (Vertical Alignment) panel is liquid crystal with excellent contrast. Compared to IPS panels, this panel looks more beautiful when viewed from the front.

For those of you who often see the monitor directly from the front, this type of panel is the right choice. In addition, the speed of the image displayed is also very good so it is suitable for use by those of you who like to play games.

Even so, you will need to adjust the color and brightness settings again when you want to change the viewing distance. Therefore, first consider whether the characteristics of this VA panel are in accordance with your needs.

3. TN panel: Real-time image display at affordable prices and easy to use, if you want to buy an affordable 4K monitor for gaming, we recommend using a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel.

Similar to the VA panel, the TN panel has good performance in the speed of displaying images in real-time. You also don't have to worry about images appearing slower. However, the viewing angle of the TN panel is also as narrow as that of the VA panel. For this reason, this type of panel is perfect for those of you who work directly in front of the monitor.

Check input terminal type and 4K monitor version

There are two types of 4K monitor input terminals, namely HDMI and DisplayPort. Before choosing a 4K monitor, it's a good idea to pay attention and check the number of available terminals. This is so that you can adjust to the device that will be connected to the monitor.

You cannot watch TV programs using the monitor alone. Therefore, apart from being used with game consoles, many users install set top boxes and video services over the internet to be able to watch TV broadcasts. For this reason, the number of terminals that should be available cannot be estimated with certainty.

Just choose the product with the number of terminals that suit your needs, because both HDMI and DisplayPort have many types and versions. For the old version, of course, it can't support 4K video which is currently circulating in the market. Choose HDMI at least version 2.0 and DisplayPort at least version 1.3 to be able to play 4K video on your monitor.

Choose a 4K monitor with a specified 5ms response speed

All liquid crystal panels, including 4K monitors, have a specification called response speed. This function shows the time it takes to display different colors.

The lower the number, the faster the display changes to the currently playing video. For example, when you are watching a game or playing a sports game, make sure to choose a model with a response speed of 1 to 5ms.

In addition, there are also products marked GtoG (Gray to Grey) for response speed. GtoG does not show the speed of transition between black and white, but the speed of transition between colors that are still cognate. Technically, transitions between closely related colors occur more frequently than black and white transitions. To get a better GtoG response speed, you can choose a product with an overdrive notation.

Check the presence of speakers in the built-in 4K monitor so that they can be connected to personal audio devices

Tips on how to choose the best 4K monitor1

Some 4K monitors have built-in and built-in speakers. If you select a model without built-in speakers, you cannot connect sound to headphones, headsets, or other personal audio devices.

You have to connect it separately via HDMI. So, if you want to use headphones while playing games or watching movies, choose a 4K monitor with built-in speakers.


4K monitors produce sharp, visually beautiful image quality. In addition, this monitor can be used for various purposes, both when working with a PC or playing games.

Tips on how to choose the best 4K monitor2

The bigger the screen size does not mean the better. You need to adjust the size according to your viewing angle and distance. To get optimal benefits, adjust the specifications of the 4K monitor to your needs, as I explained above in Tips on how to choose the best 4K monitor.

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