Tips on how to choose the best all-in-one PC

Tips on how to choose the best all-in-one PC
Tips on how to choose the best all-in-one PC

Currently, all-in-one PCs are in great demand by many people because they are known to be practical. You can also find a variety of all-in-one PC products, ranging from low prices to high specifications. You can choose an all-in-one PC based on its performance, from core i3, i5, to i7.
There is also an all-in-one PC that features a touchscreen for easy use. This time I will review tips on how to choose the best all-in-one PC.

What is an all-in-one PC?

An all-in-one PC is a computer device that combines a computer monitor and tower (CPU) into one. The CPU component on this PC is integrated into the monitor case. This makes using an all-in-one PC much simpler and more practical. It is also lighter in weight so it is easy to move.
All-in-one PC monitors also usually use the flat type with modern technology. In fact, most all-in-one PC products from various brands already use a touch screen. In conclusion, all-in-one PCs have many advantages, such as simple design, high compatibility, and practicality of use.

Tips for choosing the best all-in-one PC when buying

Next, I will explain the important points that you need to understand before making your choice. Therefore, carefully consider each point of the tips on how to choose the best all-in-one PC so that you can find an all-in-one PC that fits your needs.

Customize the type of all-in-one PC according to your usage needs

There are various all-in-one PCs with varied specifications that you can find in the market. The price of each all-in-one PC also varies. You also need to adjust the type of all-in-one PC to your usage needs.

1. Daily Use: Choose an all-in-one PC that fits your budget. The higher and more sophisticated the specifications of the all-in-one PC, the more expensive the price. If you use a PC to open light software, choose an all-in-one PC at an affordable price.

Even though it has a cheaper price, you don't have to worry about its performance. The reason is, currently all-in-one PCs are equipped with various modern technologies and features.

This type of all-in-one PC is suitable for those of you who often use Microsoft applications, such as Word or Excel. You can also use this PC to surf the internet or watch streaming movies. Without having to spend a lot, you can already feel the various advantages of an all-in-one PC.

2. For Professionals: Productivity increases with a high-spec all-in-one PC, if you want to use an all-in-one PC for professional needs, choose a high-spec all-in-one PC. Its high specifications will make it easier for you to open applications with large data loading.

This type of all-in-one PC is suitable for those of you who work as video editors or illustrators. By using a high-spec all-in-one PC, your productivity can increase.

There are a number of things you need to check when buying an all-in-one PC, such as the processor, RAM, graphics card, and internal storage. For more details, please see my explanation below.

Also check the essential components of all in one PC

Another important thing that you should not miss is checking the specifications of each of these all in one PCs. The higher the specifications an all-in-one PC has, the more practical it is to use. However, the price of an all-in-one PC will also be more expensive.

1. Processor: Providing the best performance on an all-in-one PC, the processor is arguably the brain of a PC. The ability of an all-in-one PC to process data is determined by the processor level it has. The higher the processor level, the smoother the all-in-one PC will run heavy applications. On the other hand, the price of all-in-one PCs is also getting more expensive.

All-in-one PCs with Intel Core i3 processors are suitable for opening applications with light data loading. With this processor, running Microsoft, playing music, watching videos and streaming movies is not a problem. The advantage is that the price of an all-in-one PC with an Intel Core i3 processor is also more affordable.

If you need an all in one PC with higher specifications, choose a product with an Intel Core i5 processor or higher. This processor has a more powerful performance so it can run heavy applications. That way, opening graphics-based applications, such as AutoCAD, Adobe, and others becomes faster. In addition, the rendering process is also faster so you don't have to wait long.

2, RAM: Large capacity to run many applications at once, Random Access Memory (RAM) is the storage space used for various application data that are still running. The larger the RAM capacity, the more applications you can open at the same time.

An all-in-one PC with 4 GB of RAM is sufficient to open various light basic applications. You can use this all-in-one PC for browsing, doing tasks, and watching movies. As for the needs of heavy data computing, choose a product with a RAM capacity of 6 GB and above. This all-in-one PC is usually used for work.

You can also increase the RAM on an all-in-one PC. For example, your all in one PC has 4 GB of RAM. You can increase the RAM capacity up to 8 GB. However, there are additional costs, both the purchase of new RAM and the installation. So, consider the RAM capacity you need.

3. Graphics card: Produces a clear and sharp display, Graphics card (VGA) functions to process all graphics that will be displayed on the monitor. If you work in the world of graphics, such as an illustrator or videographer, VGA becomes a very important factor.

Currently there are three major factories that produce graphics cards, namely NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. NVIDIA has famous graphics cards namely the GeForce and Quadro series. While the graphics card product from AMD is AMD Radeon. Lastly, Intel also produces Intel Graphics graphics cards.

Graphics cards from Intel are standard graphics devices. This type is sufficient for those of you who are not too concerned with the quality of the graphics on the monitor. While NVIDIA and AMD are often used for high-quality screen display needs. Graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD are suitable for those of you who play modern games or professional needs.

4. Internal storage: Store multiple files more conveniently, Internal storage determines how many files can be stored. If you don't store large amounts of files, choose an all-in-one PC with 500GB of storage. This type of all-in-one PC with 500 GB of internal storage also has a more affordable price. However, if you need to store large files, choose a PC with 1 TB of storage and above.

Also check out the all in One PC features

In addition to specifications, you also need to check the features available on the all-in-one PC. Choose a product that has features according to your needs.

1. Touch screen: Graphics-based work has become more practical, nowadays many all-in-one PCs already use a touch screen so you can adjust the screen easily. If you are a professional such as a video editor or illustrator, the touch screen feature will be very helpful. You can also position, zoom in, zoom out and more more easily. That way, your productivity will also increase.

2. Audio quality: Produce quality sound, if you often listen to music, watch videos, or movie series, pay attention to the audio quality too. A good video of course must be balanced with audio performance. 

That way, the viewing sensation that is presented is even more enjoyable. Some all-in-one PC products are equipped with Dolby Audio, a technology typically installed in theaters. With this technology, you can hear a more lifelike sound.

3. Camera: Useful for online meetings or video calls, if you use an all-in-one PC for virtual meetings, choose an all-in-one PC with a built-in camera. That way, you don't have to buy an additional webcam or camera again.

In addition, also check the image resolution produced by the all-in-one PC because the higher the resolution, the clearer the displayed image. If you frequently hold virtual meetings, choose an all-in-one PC with a built-in camera with a resolution of 720p and above. That way, your display on other colleagues' PCs is not blurry.

Not only camera quality, you also need to check the mic quality of the all-in-one PC. The powerful built-in microphone makes your voice sound great. Especially if the built-in mic on this all-in-one PC is equipped with a noise reduction feature. Disturbing noises such as wind, air conditioning, or others will be reduced so that your voice sounds clearer.

Check the completeness and position of the PC all-in-one connectivity with other devices

Also check the number and types of ports available on all in one PC. That way, connecting an all-in-one PC to various devices, such as smartphones, LCDs, and more, becomes easier.

At a minimum, all-in-one PCs have three USB ports. Two ports for keyboard and mouse and the rest for other devices. If your smartphone uses a USB Type-C port, it will be more practical if your all-in-one PC is also equipped with the same port. Meanwhile, HDMI is useful for connecting an all-in-one PC with an LCD or larger monitor.

Not only the number of ports, also check the layout and spacing of each port. Ports that are too close will interfere with other cables. On the other hand, a USB port that is too far away will make the cable look messy. Choose an all-in-one PC with ports in the same area at a distance that doesn't interfere with other ports.


I've reviewed tips on how to choose the best all-in-one PC. There are various products with varied specifications that you can find in the market.
I recommend choosing an all-in-one PC that fits your usage needs. The more sophisticated the specifications and features of the all-in-one PC, the more expensive the price. Therefore, you also need to adjust to the budget you have prepared.
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