Tips on how to choose the best gaming motherboard

Tips on how to choose the best gaming motherboard
Tips on how to choose the best gaming motherboard

Gaming is one of the most popular activities by many people and various devices can be used as platforms for playing games, from smartphones, laptops, to PCs. A PC with the best gaming performance must have special hardware for playing games, one of which is the motherboard.

These are the differences between gaming motherboards and regular motherboards that you may not know about

In general, gaming motherboards are made for PCs with high-end performance. It can be said that the gaming motherboard is able to work well to run heavy programs, especially games. In addition, gaming motherboards support components installed in the device to work more optimally.

The most notable difference is that gaming motherboards support CPUs that are unlocked or have overclocked features. This feature is useful for increasing the performance of components so that the PC can work faster beyond its maximum limit. However, this makes the components heat up faster. To overcome this, gaming motherboards can be equipped with a water cooling system.

Gaming motherboards also support installing RAM up to 32 or 64 GB. Meanwhile, regular motherboards generally only support up to 16 GB of RAM. In addition, additional slots for SATA or PCI-e x16 are usually available on gaming motherboards. The addition of these slots has the potential to maximize the performance of your PC.

Tips on how to choose the best gaming motherboard when you want to buy one

After understanding in outline the difference between a gaming motherboard and a regular motherboard, I will give tips on how to choose the best gaming motherboard, then pay attention to the important points later.

Make sure the socket shape and motherboard gaming chipset type are compatible with the CPU type

The first thing you should pay attention to is the type of socket between the motherboard and the CPU. AMD and Intel CPUs have different socket shapes. In fact, the difference in the second generation of CPU types also affects the shape of the socket.
For example, the 10th generation Intel core CPUs are compatible with the LGA 1200 socket. The 8th and 9th generation CPUs are compatible with the LGA 1150. Therefore, first determine the type of CPU you will be using, then match it to your motherboard of choice.

Next, pay attention to compatible chipsets. Like the shape of the socket, the type of chipset between AMD and Intel is also designed differently. Chipsets commonly used today are X570, B450, and B550 for AMD.

For Intel, Z590, Z490, Z390, and X299 are some types of chipsets that can be a mainstay. Avoid choosing an old chipset because it has the potential to not support the latest output components.

Consider four sizes of gaming motherboards

The size of the gaming motherboard greatly affects the size of the case and the number of features you will use. Therefore, consider these four sizes when choosing a gaming motherboard.

1. Mini-ITX for simple PCs: Mini-ITX is the smallest of all motherboard sizes. This is evidenced by the general size of about 9 x 7.5 inches. Usually this motherboard only has one expansion slot.

Slots for other components are also limited, generally only 2 RAM slots and 1 graphics card slot are available. That way, you can't upgrade components unless you replace them with new ones.

2. Micro-ATX for compact medium PCs: While not as small as mini-ITX, micro-ATX motherboards are quite small. These motherboards typically measure around 9.6 x 9.6 inches and have four expansion slots.

Slots for other components such as RAM, graphics card, and SATA are also more than mini-ITX. This allows you to upgrade your PC system without having to replace the motherboard at a later date.

3. ATX for PCs with high-end performance: ATX has a larger size of 12 x 9.6 inches. Thanks to the large size of the board, this motherboard is able to accommodate more components.

This is evidenced by the total expansion slots provided reaching seven slots. In addition, this type has 8 RAM slots, 4 graphics cards, and 12 storage. Because so many components can be accommodated, the system performance is also getting better.

4. E-ATX for extra performance with multiple expansion slots: The largest size is owned by Extended ATX or E-ATX motherboards. As the name implies, this motherboard has additional slots and more space. The number of components that can be installed is even more than the ATX type. However, gamers rarely use this type of motherboard because the specifications seem excessive.

Choose the number of gaming motherboard slots according to your system design

After you have chosen the size of the gaming motherboard that fits your PC, now is the time to determine the number of slots on the gaming motherboard. If you are planning to upgrade your PC, choose a gaming motherboard that provides additional slots. However, if you don't plan on doing so, choose a gaming motherboard with enough slots to save space.

Find one that has the extra features of a gaming motherboard

Now, many gaming motherboard products that provide additional features. Of the many features, I chose three additional features that are useful for your PC.

1. BIOS Flashback to make updating the BIOS easier: BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the component in charge of connecting hardware and software. Due to the frequent development of software or hardware, the BIOS also needs to be updated at certain times.

This BIOS Flashback feature makes it easier for you when updating the BIOS. This is evidenced by the need for additional applications to update. You just need to download the latest BIOS file and press the BIOS Flashback button, it's very easy isn't it?

2. LED as your system status indicator: While the system is running, it is possible that the system will be overworked or there may be other disturbances. To find out quickly, you need to have a product with an LED indicator. This is useful so that you can take the right decision when the indicator has given a signal of disturbance.

3. RGB connector to make the interior arrangement look more beautiful: Don't forget the aesthetic value for your building! Gaming hardware usually offers attractive designs and beautiful RGB color combinations. Therefore, make sure there is an RGB connector on your motherboard so that the interior of the PC looks more attractive. This feature is suitable when combined with a transparent casing.

Pay attention to the completeness of the gaming motherboard connection port

The connection port on the gaming motherboard is in direct contact with the port on the case. If your case supports the installation of a water cooling system, also make sure that your gaming motherboard supports this component installation.

Note the same thing for other components such as Audio Jack, SATA, to Wi-Fi Antenna Jack. The more components you want to use, the more carefully you should check the availability of headers on the gaming motherboard.


Choosing a gaming motherboard is not easy, especially if you have a dream gaming PC build and have prepared the components.

Hopefully my article on tips for choosing the best gaming motherboard can help you in choosing the gaming motherboard of your dreams. Make sure the gaming motherboard has maximum functionality and is compatible with the components in your setup list.
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