Tips on how to choose the best MacBook

Tips on how to choose the best MacBook
Tips on how to choose the best MacBook

MacBook is still a favorite laptop for many people. Excellent quality and performance make MacBook one of the best and best laptop brands. If you are interested in buying a MacBook, read my article on tips on how to choose the best MacBook until the end.

Tips on how to choose the best MacBook when you want to buy it

Just like any other laptop, choosing a MacBook is also a lot of things to consider. For that, follow some of my tips so you can get the best MacBook that fits your needs!

You must first the MacBook model you want

Broadly speaking, currently MacBook only has two models, namely MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. But both are still further divided into several types with different specifications. For that, let's first understand the characteristics of both.

1. MacBook Air: More compact and lighter, for those of you who travel a lot and have to carry a laptop, MacBook Air is perfect for you to choose. The MacBook Air's thin, compact, and lightweight body makes it easier to carry. This is supported by a screen size of only 13.3 inches. Currently, MacBook Air is equipped with 8GB of RAM which can be expanded up to 16GB.

Meanwhile, the storage media has capacities ranging from 128 GB, 256 GB, to 512 GB. The storage media can still be upgraded up to 2 TB. The specifications and simple design make the MacBook Air more suitable for light work, such as typing, multimedia, and more.

MacBook Air is suitable for beginners, students, or office workers who do not need a high specification laptop. In addition, the price of the MacBook Air is also more affordable than the MacBook Pro.

2. MacBook Pro: High performance for professional use, MacBook Pro is more for professionals, such as content creators, programmers, designers or video editors. This MacBook has a wider selection of screens, from 13 inches to 16 inches.

The specifications are also higher than the MacBook Air so that the performance is more capable. Currently, MacBook Pro is equipped with RAM with a capacity of 8-16 GB, while the storage media reaches 1 TB.

RAM capacity can still be increased up to 64 GB, while the storage media reaches 8 GB. With the support of these specifications, you can definitely work more easily. Not only that, some of the latest MacBook Pros are also equipped with Touch Bar technology. The function of the Touch Bar itself is to replace the F1–F12 function which is located at the top of the keyboard.

Pay attention to the required MacBook specifications

Next, look at the MacBook specs you need. In one model, the MacBook is still divided into several types with different specifications. The specifications themselves are closely related to performance and price. For that, pay attention to the following MacBook specifications so that you can get maximum performance according to your budget.

1. Intel or M1, prioritize the appropriate processor to use: The processor is the most important specification that you should pay attention to. The reason is, the processor functions as a place to process all commands on the system. This is very important to support the overall work. MacBooks themselves usually use Intel processors in their products.

Currently the MacBook that is widely used is the Intel Core i5 series and above. However, since 2020, Apple has also started using its own chip called the M1.

Thus, your choices are now more diverse. Not only considering the Intel series, but also the M1 chip. Then, what are the advantages of this processor? The Apple M1 chip has an 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 energy efficiency cores.

Some MacBook that use this chip have the advantage of a longer battery life, even up to 20 hours. But in terms of performance, it seems that the M1 chip has not been able to match the Intel chip.

This can be seen from the M1 chip that is still used by Apple in the low-end version of the MacBook. Therefore, if your use is only for light work, you may consider the M1 chip.

You can use it for longer duration browsing, typing, watching videos and more. However, if you are going to use it for programming, design and more, Intel chips are still the best choice.

2. 13 inches or 16 inches, choose the screen size as needed: Screen size is one of the things you need to consider when buying a MacBook. That's because the screen size affects the size of the MacBook itself. The wider the screen, the larger the size  for some jobs you may need large, clear visuals. Keep in mind, currently the latest MacBook Air is only available in 13.3-inch sizes.

For that, if you want a wider screen, you can choose the MacBook Pro. This MacBook has a choice of screen sizes up to 16 inches. For ease of carrying, we recommend a size of 13.3 inches or more. However, for a widescreen display, 16 inches will feel more sturdy!

3. MacBook RAM is large for excellent performance: RAM is used to temporarily store data while software is running. This component is also used by the system when running multiple software at once (multitasking). So, RAM greatly affects MacBook performance.

The greater the capacity, the smoother the application can run. So that your work is not interrupted by the slow performance of your MacBook, we recommend choosing a large RAM capacity.

Currently, MacBook Air is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and can be increased up to 16 GB. However, if that capacity is still lacking, you can consider the MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro RAM capacity ranges from 8–16 GB which can still be increased up to 64 GB. With this capacity, the performance is sure to be a winner!

4. Large MacBook storage capacity to store more data: The need for storage media for office workers is certainly different from content creators. Especially if the content created is a video with a large size and you will definitely need adequate storage space.

Therefore, the capacity of storage space also needs to be considered. MacBook Air is generally equipped with a storage capacity of 512 GB and below. This capacity can still be upgraded up to 2 TB.

For MacBook Pro, you will get more storage space options. Generally, the 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 256GB or 512GB SSD and capacity can be increased up to 2 TB.

However, if that's still not enough, you can consider the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This MacBook has a choice of 512 GB and 1 TB storage capacities. This capacity can still be increased up to 8 TB.

Check MacBook battery life for longer use

Battery life is also an important thing for you to check. Low battery life means it needs to be recharged more often. For some jobs, especially when you are outdoors and have to move places, it will certainly be inconvenient.

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Therefore, you need to check it so that it can be adjusted to your needs. MacBook itself has a different battery life in each product. At least, you can find products with battery life ranging from 10 hours to 20 hours. Consider according to the activities and work you want to do with this MacBook.


So tips on how to choose the best MacBook from me. Hopefully after reading my article, you can more easily find a suitable MacBook. Using the right MacBook according to your needs will greatly support your work when you want to buy it.

Therefore, I don't want you to make the wrong choice when buying a MacBook. Also, to keep it durable, don't forget to take good care of your MacBook after you buy it!

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