Tips on how to choose the best metal detector

Tips on how to choose the best metal detector
Tips on how to choose the best metal detector

You've probably seen metal detectors, especially when you're out in public. However, did you know that metal detectors do more than just serve as a security tool? Currently, not a few people use metal detectors to channel their hobby of hunting for precious metals.

What is a metal detector?

Metal detectors are used to detect the presence of hidden metals. This tool utilizes electromagnetic waves to detect metal.

To detect the presence or absence of metal, you only need to bring this tool closer to the object or surface to be examined. When detecting metal, the indicator on the metal detector will light up.

When we hear the word metal detector, we may immediately think of security checks in public places. However, did you know that the use of metal detectors is very wide.

Apart from being used for security purposes, metal detectors are also used in industry. In industry, metal detectors are used to detect metal contamination, for example in food.

Not only that, metal detectors are also used by hobbyists hunting for precious metals and archaeologists. Archaeologists use metal detectors to search for ancient coins or ancient objects made of metal buried in the ground. Therefore, metal detectors have many types according to their use.

How to choose the best metal detector

The many types and brands of metal detectors certainly make you confused about which one to choose, especially for those of you who are still beginners. Following are the things you need to consider when choosing a metal detector.

Know the types of metal detectors

There are various types of metal detectors, each type has its own method of use and advantages of metal detectors. Also adjust the type of metal detector to your needs.

1. Handheld metal detectors: Lightweight and compact for use anywhere, handheld metal detectors are probably the easiest type of metal detector to find. This type of metal detector is small and light so it is easy to grip.

With its small size, the reach of this type of metal detector is quite close, only about one meter. Handheld metal detectors are widely used for security purposes in buildings or public places.

Apart from handheld metal detectors for security, there are also handheld metal detectors called stud finder. Stud finder is used to detect cables, metal pipes, or metal frames hidden behind walls. This type of handheld metal detector is usually used to prevent the building renovation process from accidents such as short circuits or electric shocks.

2. Underground metal detectors: Mainstay of precious metal hunters, underground metal detectors are usually used to hunt for precious metals such as gold.

Not only that, archaeologists also use it to search for ancient objects buried in the ground. Just like a handheld metal detector, all you have to do is move the device closer to the area where metal is suspected.

This tool is in the form of a long stick with a metal detector at the end. The range of this metal detector is wide enough up to 3.5 meters. Metal detectors of this type are sometimes made watertight for hunting in marshes, beaches, or shallow water.

Underground metal detectors generally have sound and vibration indicators. In addition, this type of metal detector is also equipped with an analog marker in the form of a meter on the control box. This meter will move if it detects metal. Some brands also add an LCD screen to display the detection results.

3. Walkthrough metal detector: Expert in building security and public facilities. Another type of metal detector that is often used for security purposes is the walkthrough metal detector.

This type of metal detector is shaped like a door frame. The metal detecting sensors are on the left and right, you just need to pass them to use them.

Walkthrough metal detector can detect metal quickly and accurately. This makes this type of metal detector widely used for securing buildings or public places. When it detects metal, an alarm will sound and the LED indicator will light up.

Know the types of metal indicators

The metal detector is equipped with an indicator that will let you know when it detects metal. There are various forms of indicators, such as alarm sounds, LED lights, and vibrations. The types of indicators that we usually encounter are alarm sounds and LED lights. These two types of indicators are most commonly found in handheld metal detectors.

When choosing a metal detector, consider buying a metal detector with a complete set of indicators. This is important so that if one indicator doesn't work, you can still rely on other indicators. Also consider a metal detector whose sound indicator can be muted if you need to save battery at any time.

Check the presence of additional equipment of metal detector

Additional equipment on the metal detector will make it easier for you to use or store it. Examples of additional equipment on a metal detector are straps, gloves, or bags.

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Handheld metal detectors usually come with a strap or holster that can help you store them when not in use. Consider having additional equipment like this to make it easier for you to use the metal detector.


Did my article on tips on choosing the best metal detector help you? Then, have you found which metal detector is the most suitable for you when you want to buy it later?

Metal detectors have various types according to their intended use. Whether it's for hunting for precious metals or for security, choose the right metal detector.

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