Tips on how to choose the best VGA cable

Tips on how to choose the best VGA cable
Tips on how to choose the best VGA cable

Not a few devices that use a VGA port. Therefore, a VGA cable is still very much needed. The product can transfer the display of a computer or laptop monitor to a large screen. Presentation activities, meetings, and watching movies also feel more comfortable.

About What is the function of the VGA cable?

The main job of a VGA cable is to connect a computer device to a monitor to display an image. This product can also be used to transfer a laptop display to a projector or TV. Any device with a VGA port will need a VGA cable. This cable is easy to spot because it has 15 pins on its head.

Initially VGA cable only supports 480p resolution. Along with the development of technology, now many products can transfer 2048×1536 pixels (85 Hz) display. However, its success depends on the specifications of the VGA card and the display device you are using.

Please note, VGA cable only transmits analog video signal. So, this cable will not transfer audio to other devices. The audio will still come from the source. For that, you need to use a different additional cable.

It's possible that not all of your devices still use the VGA port. For example, your device might use DVI, DisplayPort, or HDMI. However, you can still use a VGA cable. How to? Below I will explain tips on how to choose the best VGA cable for you.

Tips on how to choose the best VGA cable for you

Each VGA cable offers a different performance for you. Cable length to build product quality will have an effect. In addition, it is also important to choose the right type. Therefore, I will share tips on how to choose the best VGA cable for you.

Choose the type of VGA cable according to your needs

When looking for VGA cables on the market, you will come across several types. You can narrow down the choice of VGA cable if you already know the type you need. To get the right VGA cable, I will outline several types of VGA cables for you.

1. VGA to VGA: The length reaches more than 10 meters and this type is very easy to find in the market. However, be careful when choosing it. If you want to connect a computer or laptop device to the screen, choose a male to male cable. If you choose a male to female cable, it becomes an extension cord. A VGA cable with a female head has 15 holes instead of 15 pins.

Male to male cables are widely used to display computer or laptop displays to projectors. Because of this, the lengths are very diverse. Don't be surprised if on the market there is a 10 meter long VGA to VGA cable, some even 50 meters.

2. HDMI to VGA/VGA to HDMI: Solution for devices without a VGA port, VGA port is usually found on older generation devices. Many newer devices only come with an HDMI port, no VGA. What if one of your devices doesn't have a VGA port? Well, you need this type of VGA cable.

HDMI to VGA/VGA to HDMI cables can connect devices of two different generations. What you need to pay attention to is the type of input and output of the product. Also, make sure the product can convert the signal without an external converter.

If the source device only provides an HDMI port, choose an HDMI to VGA cable. On the other hand, a VGA to HDMI cable can be selected if the display is equipped with an HDMI port. It should be noted that the input and output are fixed and cannot be reversed.

Make sure the VGA cable is not too long or short

Choosing the right VGA cable length makes your desk or room look tidier. Cables that are too short are of course useless. On the other hand, if the cord is too long, you could trip over it. Not only is it dangerous to yourself, your device may slip and fall. For that, you need to ensure the distance between the devices.

In addition, the quality of the resulting image VGA cable can depend on the length. The longer the cable, the more likely it is that the image resolution will drop, dim, or vibrate. As a result, viewing the image on the screen becomes less comfortable. If you have to choose a long cable, choose one that is close to the device's distance.

Check the build quality of the VGA cable

In addition to cable length, the quality of the VGA cable can affect the clarity and quality of the image on the screen. Therefore, check the build quality of the VGA cable first. High quality VGA cable will not interfere with your activities.

There are a few things you can check to ensure the build quality of the VGA cable. Use the points below as a guide to choosing a quality VGA cable.

1. Shielding: Protectively coated conductors are not easily disturbed by other signals. Layers such as aluminum foil and woven copper wire will ensure the image sent by the VGA cable remains clear. The two layers are known as double shielding.

2. Jacket: The outer layer of the cable will determine its durability. If you use a VGA cable for the long term, choose one that is wrapped in PVC material to make it durable.

3. Coating: VGA cable head and pins need to be coated to prevent rust and corrosion. A rusty head will result in an unstable image, even difficult for the device to read. The VGA cable head layer is usually gold so it is called gold plated pins.

4. Ferrite core: In addition to shielding, ferrite core will protect the cable from noise such as other signals and power surges of the power cable. This shield is shaped like a tube, and is located on the outermost layer of the VGA cable. You can find them at both ends of the cable head.

Not all brands provide this information for VGA cables. For a guaranteed good build quality, choose the VGA cable that comes with this information.

But it's different if you will only use a VGA cable for single use. An economical VGA cable that can already do its basic tasks is enough for you.


Don't choose the wrong one because there are many types of VGA cables. The VGA cable input and output must match the ports on your device.

In addition to the type, the size of the VGA cable is also important to match the distance of your device. Try not to choose one that is too long, let alone one that is too short. In addition, if the build quality of the VGA cable is also good, then the VGA cable of your choice is guaranteed to be more durable.
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